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Company Energy-saving air to water heater Tianshu way you wind and rain accompanied with

Back Heat Pump In particular, the air can Water heater China’s development path, we have to think of some of the heat Pump The introduction of China’s “martyrs” who, they found a good Energy Products, and a strong sense of social responsibility to spare no effort to promote energy-efficient heat pump products, the heat gradually into the thousands of families, we need to look back those who have an outstanding, and seriously look at today’s pump business, after their martyrs stand, and together with their social responsibility to carry on his shoulders.

Market Yunnan Copper body lift combined hot money, or Strange Bedfellows

19 days, transaction data is no doubt the biggest highlight of Yunnan Copper, the data show that the two hot money Gangster Orient Securities Zhaojiabang, Wen Hui Road, Hangzhou, Soochow Securities and close ranks with the battle, use of the funds 168 million, respectively, and 136 million, At the same time institutions took part in the two seats respectively 133 million and 58.39 million among the three to buy to buy four. Agencies join forces with the hot money, which is considered a hint then? Winners are only temporary Strange Bedfellows? And Zhou Eryun copper steady trend, the market seems a bit disappointed, but it is a good sign, and the brightest among the funds will not necessarily win the reign of terror, Hello, everybody is really good.

Industry Hisense Hisense Kelon announced the acquisition of air assets, the latest

Hisense Kelon (000921-CN; 00921-HK) Friday announced that the company is drawn to the above dates for the July 16, 2009, August 4, 2009, August 11, 2009, 2009 8 31 and September 28, 2009 announcement and the date of July 31, 2009 circular, the contents of Qingdao Hisense Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. relating to the acquisition of target groups and for the Whitewash Waiver.

Energy Shenzhen enterprises to participate in the central air disinfection standards

For the prevention and control of respiratory diseases, the National Standard Committee and the Ministry of Health will be in public places Central air conditioning The disinfecting effect of the development of uniform standards, and Shenzhen, a leading technology enterprise with the level of participation in the standards. This was the 24th held in Shenzhen City, central air-conditioning experts to discuss the development of national standards disinfection was informed of the meeting.

Planning Tianyuan sun: Dealers Terminal 3 way fishing action  

The face of dealers in the course of business “and so on, rely on, to” the idea, we developed a “terminal three fishing action” to guide the dealer. To teach “how to fish fishing methods”, to activate their thinking.

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a strong challenger Management center in Guangzhou TV Tower Air procurement tender

9 air-conditioning season, as domestic sales by exporting to reverse the data confirm

Multi-split air conditioner and air source heat pump screw type air conditioner tender

Diffusion and Temperature: Water & Pen ink & Vinegar

Pen ink consists of several ingredients. One of them is a dye which imparts color to the ink. When we add a drop of ink into the cold water, the ink is mixed with it by means of diffusion – dispersion of particles of ink ingredients in the water. The warm water diffusion occurs faster because the particles have more energy, and the spaces between them are larger (more easily with each other squeeze).

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