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Innovation is the source for the development of human society, but also a business development of the most noteworthy part. Ashley is among the innovation, optimize product structure and quality, thereby greatly improving the company’s leading position in the industry.

The continuous development of the national economy today, consumption gradually increase, especially in Dairy Area, no longer the sole factor in the price impact of consumer choice, food safety more and more of the market’s attention. Organic Food As the whole process of pollution in manufacturing in recent years, introduced to China from Europe and the United States, a new round of consumer boom, and the organic Milk More popular in foreign countries for many years, however, is still in the domestic market blank. It is in this context, to the professional image of the dairy market based Ashley, with many years of market sensitivity to and strong R & D capabilities, recently developed to produce more high-end milk products?? Organic full cream milk powder seasoning.

Ashley organic whole milk powder seasoning

From food safety point of view of environmental protection, food can be divided into three different types, namely, pollution-free food, Green Food , Organic food. Organic milk must come from the already established or are establishing organic agricultural production systems, strictly prohibiting the use in production such as fertilizers, growth regulators, Food Additives And other synthetic chemicals, and in strict accordance with the production, processing, storage, standards and through the independent authority of the national certification bodies. Ashley organic whole milk flavored milk, dairy products with the world’s leading supplier of?? Fonterra Cooperation To 100% imported New Zealand organic powder as raw material, in particular, to add organic bifidus factor, in the existing production systems and equipment based on the development of high standards of organic production management system and passed the state authorities in the Green Organic Certification Center certification. While in transport from the manufacturing process to packaging, the special emphasis and ensure that the products “all natural” and “full pollution-free” features, so Ashley organic whole milk powder to keep the original flavor of a variety of nutritious milk elements, a safer, more natural organic dairy nutrition.

And is different from conventional products, organic milk consumers pay more attention to the natural, healthy, eager to return to nature, but also require a higher quality of life of people. Almost harsh production environment and raw materials requirements, high cost of organic milk production, milk prices will be higher compared to other more. In view of this, the early market, listed only set in the coastal regions such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other economically developed regions. The same time, the initial arrangements to Carrefour, RT-Mart, Tesco-based international supermarkets as the main sales outlets.

Food industry from around the world to see, organic food is the trend. Currently, organic food company in the world is gradually gained wide recognition and welcome. Its safety, environmental protection, health, food structure is the top part. In recent years, with economic growth and raise living standards, China’s dairy industry is continuing to maintain a rapid growth momentum. But we also see the fact that the dairy industry is a bright spot for growth category infant and adult milk category has a variety of constraints, the industry is difficult to raise the total. As the organic development and application of adult dairy products, more consumer attention and willing to buy, no doubt to the development of adult milk powder market, to a vast new space and huge market potential.

The other hand, as a leader in the domestic dairy industry, Ashley Holdings, the first class in the domestic launch of organic Reconstituted milk powder, but also to make the brand into a strategic high ground, would certainly push the industry with an indelible the role of Ashley will also become a major event company. To this end, we should work together to promote the sales and growth of organic milk, so that more and more Chinese consumers to experience the environmental benefits of organic milk, health, natural living atmosphere. BOLA TANGKAS