Assessing Fish Oil Supplement to Get the Best Omega 3

The best omega 3 sources are fish. But with water contamination, eating too much fish is not safe nowadays. So people buy fish oil supplement instead. But with the number of this type of supplement available, how would you determine if the product you’re buying contains high quality fish oil?

The quality of the fish oil supplement is very important. As we all know, this kind of supplements can be expensive. So buying one should be worth the price. Also, it is dangerous to use products that are not of good quality, especially fish oil as this can be detrimental to your health.

So how do you find the best omega 3 fish oil supplement sources? First, don’t be fooled by advertisement. Remember that no manufacturer will ever say bad things about their products. Don’t be deceived by the famous people who said are using the product either. Well, we all know they are paid to say good things about the product. So you have to judge for yourself.

The most important thing in assessing a product is through research. Read about the product. Look at their website. And most importantly look at the ingredients of the product. Ask yourself: where does the oil comes from? How much DHA, EPA and ALA are in the product? What processes did the supplement undergo through?

When you are assessing a supplement product, remember that the best omega 3 sources are from supplements that are species specific. The oil comes from only one source of fish, may it be salmon, sardines, anchovies, tuna and the best source nowadays is from a fish called Hoki. So if you look at the label and it does not tell you from where the fish comes from, then start doubting the product. Don’t be deceived by just fish oil or marine lipids in the product.

Also make sure that fish oil comes from the flesh of the fish. It is also important that you look at the location of where the fish comes from. Take note that this can become rancid quickly. So processing to fish oil should have a short time lag between the harvest and processing.

When you are looking at the label of this type of supplement, make sure that the product that you plan to buy has high amounts of DHA than EPA. And most definitely, it should not contain more ALA amounts.

DHA, EPA and ALA are different forms of omega 3. And the most beneficial among the three is DHA as this form a majority of the brain. Thus, this fatty acid is essential in brain functioning. DHA and EPA comes from fish. ALA, on the other hand, comes from plant. This fatty acid is not very beneficial as the body can’t readily use this type of fatty acid. It has to be converted first to DHA and EPA and the conversion is not really that efficient. So to get the best omega 3 source, assess the product you’re buying.