At Home Facial Chemical Peel Tips

No one wants to show his or her real age! That is why from the Internet to local shopping mall, everyone is looking at ways and treatments to produce a younger, healthy looking skin. Some use creams, salves and lotions formulated to target specific signs of aging while others prefer costlier procedures like plastic surgery or microdermabrasion. One of the best ways to sport a healthy young skin is to go for chemical peels.

To remove or exfoliate dead skin cells from their face surface, many women trust facial peels. These procedure leave the skin looking years younger, healthy and radiant. The best part of using chemical peel is that, you can use it in your home. Or if you have a at home chemical peel recipe, then it is all the more effective in removing the signs of aging.

To start with, you must have a clean face. For that, use a mild, non-oily cleanser and slightly warm water. While cleaning face for at home chemical peel session, make sure your soap is devoid of any moisturizing agent which can leave a residual film on your skins surface. After gently scrubbing your face with such a soap and water, pat dry.

The next step is to lower your skins pH balance. For that, you will need a cotton boll dipped in astringent or alcohol; use this ball all over your face before you use the peel. This will lower the pH balance of your skin making it easier for your at home chemical peel to be easily absorbed into the pores of your skin.

Now apply your chemical peel a little at a time. Start to work your way around the outside of face by starting at the top of your forehead. while applying the peel, make sure you use a circular light brushing motion. After your forehead, apply your at home chemical peel on your upper lip as well as chin areas. Then move to nose and cheeks. Rinse the peel with cold water when you feel a slight tingling sensation on the areas used.
The last part of your at home chemical peel treatment will include applying a good moisturizer on your face as frequently as you can, for the next two or three days.

Your face will be healing itself during this period; so do not peel loose bits of your skin or scratch it vigorously. If you do this, your raw and irritated skin will show problems. Leave it as it is, and you will have a radiant new skin in days which will make you look years younger than you are! BOLA TANGKAS