Attractions In Agra

A tour to India is not considered comprehensive, without a visit to Agra city, the land of Taj Mahal- one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The intricate architectural designs of monuments and forts stand as testimony to affluence of the legendary Mughals-the connoisseurs of architecture, who made Agra the capital at some stage in their rule. History speaks about Agra, how it urbanized slowly but certainly under the Sultanate period which later got subjugated by the Mughals. Agra has the most excellent examples of Mughal architectural elegance which was a blend of Indian and Islamic styles. Above and beyond Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri in close proximity are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Agra is well-known for its handicrafts and fine arts tradition. One of the amazing facts about Agra is that, the abstract legacy of inlay work on marble and soapstone and stone carvings are still continued by craftsmen. Shopping in Agra is more than desirability for tourists. The city produces exclusive handicraft products such as zari zardari, brass artifacts, carpets, leather shoes etc., making shopping in Agra a lifetime experience. A replica of the Taj Mahal made in marble is a must buy for all the tourists. The most remarkable areas for shopping in Agra include those near the Taj Mahal, Sadar Bazar, Kinari Bazar, Shilpagram Crafts village, M.G. Road, etc.

It is not just the monuments and handicraft products that people visit Agra for. The city of Agra has much more to offer to its visitors. The Mughal legacy has given Agra a distinct cuisine. There are a good number of restaurants in Agra that serve delectable Mughlai cuisine. Petha is a local dessert which is famous with most tourists. Differing mouth watering delicacies are served in the restaurants located at the lanes leading to the monuments as well as those situated in-house in big accommodation hotels. There are also restaurants in Agra that serve various Indian foods including continental food. Gajjan Restaurant, Bhagat Halwai, Bhaimsain Fauji Mal, Krishna Restaurant are some of the most popular restaurants in Agra. BOLA TANGKAS