ATV Safety Courses and What You Should Know

There is nothing like the feelings of riding the back road trails on a ATV, it is a unlimited source of fun and excitement. Having a great day on the trails with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair is like nothing else. The sport of recreational ATV riding can bring families together, provide an environment to meet new friends and in general bring an enjoyment to our lives. With all of the good times comes a responsibility, you have to keep in mind that you are operating a motorized vehicle and safety must come into play.

Before hopping on to your brand new ATV it is highly suggested that you consider attending an ATV safety training course. Unlike a motorcycle or car, a license is not needed to operate an ATV. Most people will learn to ride an ATV from friends or family members, while overall this is not a bad idea, there could be some important points especially in the safety area that could be left out.

There are many places that offer ATV safety courses, and it is as simple as inquiring at your local ATV dealer to find them. Something that you want to keep in mind though is that not all safety courses have certified teachers. In 1988 the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) was created to educate ATV riders in the safe operation of their all terrain vehicles. This was put into place in hopes of reducing the amount of accidents that happened on a yearly basis. Since the inception of the ASI we have seen a sharp decrease in the number of recreational ATV accidents, so it seems like ASI was a successful operation.

Many dealers including Honda, Yamaha and Artic Cat will offer you the opportunity to attend a ATV safety course for Free. Even if you don’t personally own an ATV but find yourself riding friends or family members you can still take the course for a small fee. Many courses provide the ATV to learn on, but you might inquire before signing up whether they provide the ATV or you need to bring your own.

The ASI course will provide you all of the basics of riding and operating an ATV, and it only takes about half a day to complete the course. Instructors will give you step by step instructions on how to handle different terrains and different environments. You will learn the best safety equipment and how to start and stop your ATV properly. Later on in the course you will learn how to traverse hills and obstacles on a closed course.

ASI safety courses are offered for practically all ages starting as young as 6 years old on up. Show your family that you care by taking the safety course and ensuring all family members involved in riding ATV’s do so also.

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