Austria Tenders Offering Business Opportunities in the Social Market Economy Cloning Germany

A social market economy having close similarities with the German economy, Austria is the fourth richest country in Europe. Austria tenders offer business opportunities for all types of entrepreneurs, global, local, large and small.

Vienna the Favorite Location

For most of the businessmen, Vienna is the most favored location for business in Austria. That is why overseas respondents to Austria tenders in and around Vienna outnumber others numerically. Moreover, Austria is strategically located in Europe. Because of its central location, Austria tenders have assumed great significance in commercial world. In fact Austria tenders work as the gateway to European Union member states.

Large Scope in Agricultural Sectors

One of the best opportunities for responding to and winning Austria tenders is in the agricultural sector in the country. Till recently, farms in Austria were fragmented and small in size making production rather expensive. Land pattern of the country dominated by mountains and plateaus contributed to such situation quite considerably. In result huge procurements in agricultural sector are made and a number of Austria tenders come from this domain offering business opportunities for large and small entrepreneurs home and overseas.

Import and Export Opportunities

Since the total agricultural produce cover 80% of the domestic requirements, numerous Austria tenders are floated to fill out the gap. The remaining 20% of the products are procured via import of food grains and most of the transactions are carried out through global Austrian tenders.

Global Opportunities in Austria

Austria tenders are not only available in the agricultural sector for the bidders but also in other sectors like steel and iron industry, chemicals, and oil industry. While the enterprises in Austria are usually smaller when considered on global scales, numerous Austria tenders are floated for –

Procurement of skilled hands and manpower.
Transactions in iron and still.
Indenting chemicals and related products.
Construction industries and related consultancy services.
Oil and gas industry.

Importance of Service Sectors

Service sector happens to be most important part in Austrian economy. A good number of Austria tenders therefore are floated relating to service sectors. Some of the major areas where numerous Austria tenders are floated include –

Winter and summer tourism services.
Accountancy and book keeping.
Consultancy for construction, architecture, and designs.
Training and orientation for employees and especially touring guides especially for learning German, Russian, and American languages.

Other Austria Tender Opportunities

Other Austria tenders are usually floated in respect of trade and commerce with other eastern European countries that accounts for nearly 14% of the imports of the country. Foreign investments are also invited using the Austria tenders quite frequently as it offers a good developing market for such investment.

No less important is the export trade and Austria tenders relating to export of goods and services, especially to United States that accounts for around 5% of the total export of the country.