Autism “?” On Going From Quite A Few Years!

The disorder of autism is not a new one. The suffering of autism has been witnessed by millions and the most hurting part is that the child has to face it in its infant days. The disorder posts a pathetic condition of a child who has to go through a series of unfortunates and bad behavior. One of the most talked about symptom of this disorder is repetitive behavior. This behavior makes the child look like a stubborn and the child has to face humiliation from many of his friends who too belong to the same age but luckily do not suffer from this disorder.

The symptom of repetitive behavior is also accompanied by restricted behavior which not only compels the child to repeat the same actions but also restricts the number of activities to scant. Repetitive behavior scale-revised (RBS-R) has made an inquiry into such matter and they finally came up with categories of such behavior. Stereotype is the first form of such behavior where a child does repetitive actions again and again. Examples of such behavior can be head rolling or hand flapping or body rocking. Compulsion behavior follows after, where child follows a rule and keeps on doing a particular thing again and again. Arranging objects in a straight line or piling them on one another to form a long storey can be said as the perfect example for such a behavior.

Along with it, restricted and self-injury behavior is also present where the former is in form of restricted participation in general course of life. Limited activity, interest and focus are example of such kind of restricted behavior, whereas the later is the most dangerous form where a child keeps on hurting himself by way of hand biting, skin picking, head banging, etc. Sameness and ritualistic behavior also falls in the category list.

Thus, it can be concluded that when a child suffers from autism disorder, then he or she may do unusual behavior which can be harmful to them or their surroundings. BOLA TANGKAS