Back and Neck Pain Symptoms and Causes That You Should Know

The problem of back and neck pain affects lots of people in this generation. You must prevent this back neck pain by taking small precautions every day. Few precautionary steps are there which will help in preventing the problem of back neck pain. They are right posture while sitting or sleeping, quality of bed, right kind of food etc.

The most common cause of back and neck pain is related with the injury to the soft tissues which includes the muscles, tendons and ligaments within these structures. In many case it may be due to degenerative arthritis of the spine in the neck that can pinch nerves and result into pain in the neck. Local neck pain can be caused by the degenerative disc disease in the neck. It may be caused due to some abnormal conditions which involve spinal cord, heart, lungs and also some abdominal organs.

Some of its important conditions which result into back and neck pain.

1. Bursitis 2. Broken collarbone 3. Heart attacks 4. Broken shoulder blade 5. Rotator cuff injuries 6. Shoulder or A-C separation 7. Whiplash injury 8. Tendonitis 9. Gallbladder disease

There are many symptoms of back and neck pain. Some of its important symptoms are

Pain: Patients feel dull, burning, crampy, shocklike or stabbing pain. This pain may result into stiff neck or back and even loss of range of motion. This problem may result into headache.

Weakness: Severe pain from muscle or bone movement may result into weakness. There may be weakness or even inability or reluctance to move due to pain or inflammation.

Numbness: You may not be able to feel things normally, if your nerves are pinched, bruised or cut. This condition may result into burning sensation, a loss of sensation etc.

Coolness: If there is coolness in your arm or hand then it indicates that your arteries, veins or both have been injured or blocked. It means, your arm is not getting not enough blood.

Some other conditions which relates to the problem of back and neck pain are deformity, swelling and changes in the color of the skin.

If you are suffering from slight pain, then it may be treated at home only. If the pain is severe and the cause and source of the pain is not known then that patient must consult to a doctor. There are some basic measures which must be taken by the patients suffering from this problem. These are proper rest, application of ice over the injured area, elevation of the affected area above your heart, use of pain killer, etc.

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Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

I made a cord drill and then upgraded it to a pump drill. A cord drill is basically a spindle with a fly wheel attached so it looks like a spinning top. the middle of a piece of cord is then put into a notch at the top of the spindle. The ends of the cord are then wrapped around the spindle and then pulled quickly outwards causing the drill to spin. The momentum of the fly wheel causes the cord to wrap back around the spindle in the other direction. When it stops the cords are pulled outwards again and the drill spins in the other direction.
I made the first one with a stone flywheel then made fire with it in the same way I make fire with fire sticks. Then I made and fired some clay fly wheels, made another drill with one of the fly wheels and fitted a stone drill bit to the end. This one I use for drilling holes in wood.
I used the new drill to make a hole in a piece of wood. I then put the spindle of the original cord drill through the hole in the wood, tied the ends of the cord onto the piece of wood and it became a pump drill. The cords were wrapped round the spindle as normal but now a pumping action of the wooden cross bar created the same action.
This was an interesting project. For fire making I’d stick to fire sticks because the equipment is easier to make. But for people with soft hands they could use the cord drill as it won’t give them blisters. It should be added that the pump drill actually took longer than the cord drill (cord: 32 seconds, pump 1 min 30 seconds -the pump drill scene was edited down to make it watchable). The pump drill had more moving parts and was constantly having problems. As a fire making method I’d choose the cord drill over the pump drill unless all the parts were well made.

The main purpose I’d use these tool for is drilling holes rather than fire making. It was reasonably good but the stone bits I made could be improved and their attachment to the shaft also needs some thought. If the bit loosens and gets off axis slightly the whole thing wobbles.
These drills are impressive inventions and show potential for carpentry use later on.

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