Back Support For Chairs – The Best Back Support For Chairs!

Greetings!  I’m Brett Rodgers, licensed massage therapist.  In addition to massage, I make and sell professional back support for chairs.  Please click on the blue links for my “Miracle Back Support”.  I see what happens when people have sore backs from sitting.  I also needed “back support for chairs” because I like to write about health and healing and so I sit here at my computer a lot.  I thought, “If I can help people to have good support while sitting on their chairs then they will like me!”  Ok, yea, they’ll also pay me good money!  Why not? If I can help you to have good back support for chairs then you will feel so much better!   

Having good back support for chairs means finding a back support that is adjustable so that you can tweek it just right for your own body.  My buckwheat hull back support does just that!  You can add or subtract as much support as you like to get the perfect back support for chairs.  It’s easy to install and almost just as easy to unzip the zipper and add hulls.  Buckwheat hulls are the perfect body support device!  Japanese people have loved them as pillows for many years.  Why not use the buckwheat hulls for back support for chairs?  The buckwheat hulls conform perfectly to you own body to create wonderful support for back support for chairs and other products like sitting cushions.  (I make those too!) 

You will see other back support for chairs made out of foam or feathers!  lol.  That is all crap!  Foam is made out of petroleum (oil products) and is unnatural and toxic for human bodies.  Haven’t you wondered what that “new car smell” is?  It’s freaking chemicals and they’re hazardous to your health!  Stick with all natural products and you will stay healthy!  I make and sell back support for chairs that is pretty darn natural and not near as toxic as most.  I try to use cotton for the exterior bag and organic millet hulls inside. 

Thank you so much and please click on the BLUE LINKS within this article to see my product!