Back to School Party and Fundraiser Strategy

In high school, the school clubs always need money. During my years of high school I do remember being the president of quite a few clubs on campus over time; we were always fighting for fundraisers, and trying not to conflict with other clubs on campus, which also desperately needed the money. It was always a challenge to raise money. In fact, I remember one year the Junior Class, the prior year had left us a deficit that was carried over to the senior class, and I happen to be senior class president. I had nothing to do with the Junior Class student government, and only one of the members was re-elected, butwe had to pay their bills.

This was rather unfortunate because we started the year $ 2500 in the hole, and we had to make up the difference and raise the money, just to get back to zero, the starting point, no fun. We work very hard in the fundraisers we created, and we got creative in the events that we put on trying to do more with less money. One creative new type of fundraiser which works great as a “back-to-school party fundraiser” was recently revealed to me while talking with a computer repair person locally.

He said he was quite busy this time of year due to all the back-to-school customers. He told me that the other night he went to a back-to-school party, as he was hired by one of the mothers. She invited all the kids that were friends with her two sons. The computer geek repair person was paid $ 200 to help make sure everyone’s computers were in order, all their software was loaded correctly, and they had antivirus protection.

He spent four hours and made $ 200 which is less than he normally makes but he was happy to make a house call. Each kid chipped in $ 20 each and there was actually money left over for pizza. Now consider if you will turning such an event into a fundraiser. You have two or three computer geeks come by and give you a special negotiated deal. Then each person coming to the party pays $ 20. All the money left over goes to the school club. This would provide money for the club’s budget before the school year actually started. Please consider all this.

BB Ki vines | Carry Minati Fight

Carry minati fights with BB ki vines for his popular asia web tv award…

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