Back To Stability, Successful And Prosperity

This is my writting out of experience after being thrown out of job how could I able to regain my income , fame and peace of mind and all of them increased income increased by 60 percent popularity by 100 percent and stability better off.

 Hard effort make best use of your potential for the service of self and for other. Not to get disturbed by the failure and criticism, with special effort  one should topple down the obstacles and hurdles.

  The psychological preparation and power of  concentration can do wonder. One should not be defeated by the  problems. Problems should not overpower our mind or life. When problems overpower mind then it starts overpowering life.

  Make volcanic effort ,see the problems  in positive angles. Problems hints us to b get rid up tiredness and negligence. It demands extra effort to make best use of potential. Believe me you will be happiest person on the earth when you will make best use of  your potentials.

Have faith on action and reaction. Results in our life all depends upon the kind of seed we are sowing.

People may reject you number of times, those rejection should inspire you to correct self not to develop low self esteem.

Have energy, motivation and patience for next level of effort.

Add creativity and innovation in the life.  

Surviving within scarcity needs innovation and with positive thinking mind becomes creative.  Quite often you are rejected because you are fit for better option or higher level. Have self respect looks towards self with respect and faith.

So without any waste thoughts, start preparing for next level or maintain perseverance in your effort. Repeated effort is essential, if you can feel your mind with positive thinking in early morning , you will start reinventing yourselves with many talents,  potentials and opportunities..

  Returning to the life of silence and stability is possible, question is whether is achievable yes through best use of positive thinking, potentials, knowledge and property for self and for other.