Backpack Baby Carriers – 3 Tips to Ensure You Get the Best

Having a family does not mean that you have to give up your life. If you are planning on being an active parent then you will need a backpack baby carrier.

The wrong baby carrier can soon put you off going out and there is nothing more soul destroying that being excluded because you have a baby. Check out the tips below to ensure that both you and your baby are active and happy.

1. Baby Comfort – Firstly, you don’t want your baby to be crying. You want a happy baby who is enjoying the ride. You also want to know that if the baby falls asleep that they will be comfortable and not wake up with a stiff neck and sores from straps which have rubbed.

Tip – Make sure that you carrier is well padded for the baby and has a suitable head rest which is cushioned enough to ensure comfortable sleep.

If you are thinking of carrying a slightly older toddler, then you should check out the foot straps as these secure the babies legs, lower back and pelvis to be in a comfortable position

2. Adult comfort – It is all well and good to have your baby comfortable, but if your back carrier is not comfortable then you will not be going far (or you will only be doing it once!)

Tip – The straps around the shoulders and hips should be well padded and wide. They should be easy to adjust when the carrier is being worn. Finally the spine of the carrier should be adjustable.

3.Essential accessories – Some things are definitely a luxury, but others are essential. You do want you child getting weather beaten.

Tip – A good carrier should have a suitable cover for wind, rain and sun. Wind burn is as uncomfortable as sun burn, especially on young skin, and rain is bound to cause tears (or howling) as well as lead to possible illness. These covers should attach securely and be easy to put on as the weather conditions change.

Ideally the covers will be stored in a purpose designed, easily accessible compartment on the carrier. You should also have room in your carrier for spare clothes for the baby, nappies and snacks.

The BushBaby even comes with a little mirror in the pocket of the waist support so you can hold it up and check on your baby! Sound unnecessary but I was amazed how much I used it – it saved asking others if my son looked comfortable.

Finally, being a parent is about sharing not sacrificing. You can share the world with them from an early age.