Backyard Chicken Coop Building Blueprints

Remember to keep a few things in thoughts if you want to develop a chicken coop in your backyard. A good chicken property is extremely important if you want to preserve your chickens secure from predators. 1 of the initial issues you want to decide upon is no matter whether or not you want a simple pen, or a taller fence with your pen to preserve the chickens from flying out.

The place you pick for your pen should be difficult for predators to attain. Attempt and keep the pen in a protected and secure location on your property. The chicken coop must be constructed so that your chickens cant get snatched also easily by animals or thieves, specifically at evening. A chicken coop or house with a lock (key or combination) is ideal for this activity.

The most simple way to construct a pen is by using wood posts and wire. To do this youll require an industrial stapler, a hammer, wire cutters, a post hole digger and a sledgehammer. The posts can be purchased in bundles, along with the wire and staples at a local construction provide retailer such as The Home Depot. With this style youll just spot posts in the 4 corners of exactly where you want the pen to stretch. Then youll use the wire and industrial staples to generate the chicken pen.

Use the post hole digger to dig holes where the posts will be placed. After you make a decision where the posts will go, use the sledgehammer to pound the posts into the ground. The size of the posts that you are using determines how far they will need to go into the dirt. You then want to push and pull on the post as soon as it is in to make confident it is sturdy and stable sufficient to withstand some force. Repeat this step for the other three posts.

After you get the posts in place, its time to cut the chicken wire and fasten it to the post. It is best to this one particular wall at a time. Use the industrial stapler to fasten the wire to the posts. Inspect the chicken wire to make sure that it there are no loose nails. If there are loose nails, then use the hammer to tap them into the wooden posts.

And that’s all there is to it! You will see that you have a good sturdy chicken pen to raise chickens in.

A chicken pen such as this is the least high-priced and easiest way to property your chickens. Nonetheless, it could not necessarily hold them protected from predators or thieves. A considerably much better way to hold them protected is to build an wooden chicken coop. And to do that you are going to want a blueprint.
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