Backyard Inventors From About The Globe Unite In Search Of Option Power Solutions

Jobs are being lost, incomes and acquiring energy are going down, hyper inflation is just around the corner, and the cost of energy continues to rise.

It does not matter if the energy comes in the form of petro for your vehicle, natural gas for heat or energy to run your house, the cost is increasing.

Your energy bill is not like your cable bill. You can cancel your cable bill and use an antenna to get a handful of channels. Who wants 200 channels with nothing at all on anyways appropriate? However extremely couple of of us would not even fathom the notion of going without electricity. They got us below their thumb and they know it. There is nothing that we can do. Or is there?

Folks are losing faith in their leaders that they elect to do whats ideal for them and as a result are seeking for options not excuses. They no longer just trust what they have been told and are hitting the net to appear for less expensive power solutions. This is why thousands of backyard and basement inventors, and every day typical folk have began experimenting with option and so known as free power options.

With the advent of sites like and they now have a spot where they can go and share their experiments and findings with each other. Each notion builds upon the final and knowlege is shared freely. They function like bees in a hive all carrying out their element to better mankind in their region of interest.

Some are following the teachings of Tesla with high frequencey high voltage radient power experiments. Others operate on re-inventing Stanley Meyer’s water car. Stan drove his dune buggy across the United States converting water into hydrogen gas for fuel on demand as he drove. What an remarkable accomplishment. Put water in your tank and drive your auto to work, wow! Appear up Stan’s story, sadly he is no longer with us.

They, like Stan, have devised greater techniques to split water with out traditional electrolysis to release the HHO gas in which they can now run small engines and electric generators from.

Whilst other folks still are fascinated in following the operate of Howard Johnson and his motor that runs one hundred % on permanent magnets.

Howard’s all magnet motor received a patent, however no 1 has been capable to duplicate its style to this date as it is believed that he withheld little specifics of its design and style for reasons of national security. Just imagine an all magnet motor that can turn a generator and charge your house or your vehicle. Or just picture coming home from work and plugging your electric vehicle into the power outlet so that you can charge up your residence instead of your home charging your automobile. That is the energy of a magnet motor it runs on the attraction and repulsion of magnets alone and can do operate considering that its a motor. With the recent advent of super strong neodymium magnets we never have to worry about magnets losing their power for years and years unlike cermanic and other older types of magnets. That indicates that as soon as you spend for your magnetic motor generator you will have years of free of charge power to energy your house or car. Every five years or so you would just have to change the bearings and away you would go once more, great for another five years. As long as the magnets are kept at room temperature and not put in the intense heat or cold they ought to final for decades.

Even even though under repulsion neodymium magnets need to not shed much more then 35 percent of their strength in that time span.

For numerous backyard inventors who do not have capabilities in electronics the permanent magnet motor idea is the Holy Grail of a DIY free energy device.

Not too long ago there have been a couple of claims from inventors that they have created an all magnet motor that requirements no energy in but can turn a generator and run itself.

Even so these claims have yet to be accepted by scientists as they are breaking or side stepping the old convential guidelines of physics that state you can not basically get some thing from practically nothing. But who hasn’t witnessed the attaction of two magnets racing across a table to smash into every other at times breaking each other apart in doing so? All you did was spot them on the table and they almost magically moved on their personal. With no magnetism there would be be few forms of electrical energy generation. They are opposite sides of the identical coin. They are interchangable, electrical energy can make magnetism and magnetism can make electricity.

I came across a ideal example the other day on Youtube of an average Joe, truly his name is Bob. He has this absolutely hilarious video exactly where he is displaying his step by step attempts at creating his own magnet motor. It starts off saying that Bob suffers from OCD or Over Unity compulsive disorder coupled with a touch of Cost-free Energyitis. HAHA I litterally laughed out loud when I heard that. The video then goes on to say that Bob is a real handyman whilst showing a picture of him giving the thumbs up with a 1 1/two nail threw his thumb! This was followed by him passionately explaining one of his protypes and ends with it saying producing magnet motors is unsafe do not be a Bob. Nicely clearly he is producing fun of himself but the content of his video was very exciting, you can see he definately thinks outside of the box.

This world demands much more folks like Bob prepared to stand up and attempt. So what if he fails time and time once again he is trying and that is what is important. He wants to make this globe a greater location and he is undertaking his portion and sharing his benefits the excellent the negative and the ugly, ya his thumb was ugly alright! If you would like to view this video for yourself then go to Youtube and type in “The Magnet Motor Chronicles Intro” or click the hyperlink at the bottom of this article. After you see this video you will want to subscribe to his channel to see what other ideas he cooks up to save the planet. Who knows… he may well just do it, my hat goes off to Bob and all the handymen out there operating with no funding, without support, without a clue at instances but they attempt and are slowing advancing the fringe science of Totally free Power for all of mankind.

Tesla, Howard Johnson, Stan Meyer, just to name a handful of are the late great males of the past whos free of charge energy inventions and technologies has been forgotten, lost, stolen or surpressed by the powers that be. To those who stick to in their foot methods and are rediscovering what these guys knew and are willing to freely share for the betterment of all humanity across the globe with no pregidous we salute YOU!
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