Bad Breath – Halitosis and How to Combat It

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis, affects us all at some time or other in our lives but is more of a significant problem in around one in four people. If you do suffer from breath problems it is important to ensure you undertake regular and full dental checks given gum disease along with teeth decay are some of the main contributors. Smokers and drinkers are also prone to suffering from the condition.

Although the above are the prime suspects relating to this embarrassing condition, there are also a number of other factors which can lead to halitosis. Undertaking a diet is a common cause of poor breath and other more serious conditions which are known to manifest themselves include kidney or liver disease. It is also understood that a degree of prescribed medications, antidepressants being a good example, contribute to the lack of saliva produced in your mouth which as a consequence can lead to poor breath and the resultant offending smell.

If you have identified that you have poor breath initially try eating sugar free gum to help stimulate the saliva production in your mouth. Adopting a robust and regular oral hygiene routine including regular flossing and visits to your dental hygienist at regular intervals, will go a long way to preventing your symptoms. You may wish also to consider purchasing a tongue scraper which helps to remove the build-up of fur from your tongue. A good and proven natural remedy to cure a halitosis is by chewing on parsley leaves following your meal. This helps to reduce the amount of bad breath giving bacteria in your mouth whilst also helping to stimulate the production of saliva.

Should you find yourself continually suffering from bad breath or halitosis it will be wise to consult your doctor given it is important to rule out other medical conditions.