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Baiyun Mountain has to Bai Yunfeng, is known for, Little Huangshan, chicken corner tip of feet represented by steep peak cliff rocks landscape; to acres of pristine forest, Tang Ginkgo forest, the wild peony garden, alpine azalea garden, Betula forest, birch, bamboo forests, represented by the forest landscape; to Black Dragon, Yellow Dragon, Pearl Lake, Dragon Falls, White Dragon Falls, Kowloon waterfall waterfall pool represented by the landscape; to Baekundong, green snake hole, percussion hole Cave plank road, bridge, represented by the immortal landscape cave; to Uman Temple, Huqiu, Yuhuangge to represent the human landscape; to clouds sunrise, summer summer, Jinqiu Hong leaf phenology, represented by the landscape. The whole area financial mountains, stones, water, cave, forest, grass, flowers, birds, animals as a whole, male, insurance, odd, quiet, the United States, wonderful cross brilliance, both north of the state of majestic landscapes, another Southern Landscape pretty of the content.


“Others Mountain, the wise man happy water.” Located in the Baiyun Mountain Song County, Luoyang, Hill is also male, water, also Jun. Baiyun Mountain National Forest Park is located in the 800 years Funiushan hinterland, the scenic spot several overlapping peaks, steep peak everywhere. Altitude of 2216 meters in the Central Plains is known for the first peak is the sunrise in the Central Plains the best viewing point clouds.


Hill was water show, water and the quiet hillside, where mountain valleys everywhere gurgling streams, mountain river into Iraq, Ruhe, Shirakawa total flow of three rivers, were injected into the Yellow River, Huaihe, Yangtze River valleys. Km gap in White River Canyon, the Wu Buyi Lake, 10 steps a waterfall. Kowloon Falls drop up to 123 meters, like the Galaxy toppled, Korea on irradiation, Xian Chu Hung 10,000 people moved away rainbow, rainbow-ridden. Baiyun Mountain across the water at a three-domain peak, set in the mountain rivers of the soul, unique to the Central Plains, which is called “Grand Central Plains landscape” of the goods must.


Baiyun Mountain is located in the north-south geographical and climatic boundaries, subtropical to temperate climatic transition zone, very rich in flora and fauna, is a national nature reserve. Forest coverage rate of 98.5% over 1991 kinds of plant species, 204 species of animals, more than 40 state-level protected plant species, 20 species of national protection animals. Million mu of forests withered vine trees with different attitudes trickle clear Bitou, colorful flowers and herbs, natural ecosystem intact. Rhododendron forest on the peaks of mountains stretches over several kilometers, bloom season, the mountains and plains, Colorful. Lin Tang Ginkgo coexistence of more than 400 strains of the same, plain spectacular, rare north. Rare animals and plants by experts and scholars as the “Museum of Natural History.”


Baiyun Mountain dense vegetation, shade Zade, mist transpiration, cloud over the strange, beautiful and illusion. Baiyun Mountain in the clouds, like the sea of clouds, gas washing water; Baiyun Mountain in the clouds, such as the outer cloud, no cloud of dust pollution! All of a sudden, like a plume of smoke Qingyun mist to float from the gully bottom, while shops open for paper, so an indoor lake, such as the Haitian phase, mountains like the sea of the island. Blink of an eye, rough, then microwave volt shore, air grabbing fog collection, Hongxia sky, lush green everywhere.


Baiyun Mountain scenery varies throughout the year. Spring, trees spit Fang, flower-decked. Rare Wild Peony unique, colorful alpine rhododendrons blooming race. Summer, Castle Peak green, cool climate. Water flying in the air, clouds around the trees, people in the picture middle. Swirling white clouds, fantasy misty, mysterious. Autumn, Man Shan fantastically popular, storied make dye. Acer mono, fiery red leaves of Cotinus coggygria and other similar Xia, a film in bunches, clusters of the Qishanxiushui dress was picturesque. Winter, clad in silvery white, ice jade puzzle. Huge icefall, strange icicle, ice linked to a dizzying variety. Three feet of ice, snow does not melt, ice-skating skiing enjoyed.


Baiyun Mountain up to 1200 mm annual rainfall, ample rainfall, climate, annual average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, the highest in summer weather does not exceed 26 degrees Celsius. Baiyun Mountain purdah in this girl, the builders of the elaborate dress up, look graceful posture. Since the park opened in 1993, has received more than 400 million Chinese and foreign tourists, has been named Henan Double top ten tourist area, Henan Province, the top ten most attractive scenic spot. Comrade Li Changchun to this visit, reputation as a “mountain Central Plains”, the former honorary chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association Qigong brush “Fairyland Baiyun Mountain.”