Banana And Grape Are Helpful For Antidepression

The nutritional psychologists in German have found that the generation of a variety of emotions has a direct relationship with the concentration of certain substance in the brain. Pleasant emotions often relate to a kind of material called 5-HT substance, while the unhappy mood relate to the increase of norepinephrine in the right brain. What’s more, the skin of purple grapes contains anti-hypertensive material, so the grape juice can increase plasma vitamin E and antioxidant content.

Actually, many foods have an effect on the production of serotonin and norepinephrine in brain. Banana has always been called “happy fruit”. And the Dutch scientists have said that banana can meet the human nutrition standards and can add smile on people’s face. Banana contains a kind of material called pantothenic acid, which is the body’s happy hormones; it can relieve the psychological stress, resolve tension, improve concentration, relieve depression and thus make people happy. In addition, it is also said that eat bananas before going to sleep has the sedative effect.

Banana contains a kind of material which can lead to the production of serotonin, which can not only encourage people to become happy and peaceful, but also can relieve the pain, besides, it also can help to reduce the hormone which can cause bad mood to people. Therefore, people who are suffering from the manic and depressive mood and people with bad mood should eat more bananas to help brain generate enough 5-HT, and thus reduce the degree of repression and pessimistic mood, and the bad mood will disappear naturally.

The report from the nutritionists shows that, the judgment of vegetables ‘ value should be based on the color of them. Usually, vegetable with the dark color has the higher value. So, in sequence, the nutritional value of purple foods is after the black foods, and higher than the green, red, yellow and white foods. The color of foods not only reflects the foods’ nutritional value, but also has a quite useful role in the regulation of mood. Purple foods do best at the two areas. Besides, the skin of purple grape contains a substance which has the function on antihypertension, and grape juice can increase plasma vitamin E and antioxidants content. Thus, it can help us to resist the depression and adjust our mood effectively. BOLA TANGKAS