Barefoot running bulid a freedom world for people to enjoy lives whenever they can

Barefoot running is the new sport in the world, after doctors suggest people should start barefoot running, it become more and more popular today. Almost every runners turned into barefoot running, almost every website publicize barefoot running day by day, developed less than ten years, the achievement barefoot running has exceed other sports. This huge economic benefits promote more and more brands to produce shoes just designed for barefoot running.

No matter from online searching or in stores, you can find barefoot running shoes so popular, so wide and so different. They are light and strange, even Nike joind the competetion in barefoot shoes market, the momentum of producing barefoot shoes has begun to emerge. The name of five finger shoes in 2007, by Times make the war heated. However, the popular of barefoot running make the different selection for runners become popular.

– Kigo Shel

Looks like crocodie, but it really light. The Kigo Shel is a unisex shoe that’s designed for trail running, hiking, and wet weather conditions. Weighing only five ounces per shoe, the thin, high-grip rubber outsole and flexible midsole make it a good option for minimalist footwear. It also has a removable insole that provides extra ground support when needed. Added plus: it’s eco-friendly. Kigo shoes are made using recycled materials and water-based glues.

– Newton All-Weather Trainer

While the Newton All-Weather Trainer may look like a normal running shoe, it’s anything but. All Newton shoes encourage you to run on your midfoot/forefoot and keep you upright to discourage heel-strikes. The All-Weather Trainers are a great shoe regardless of what type of runner you are. Some key features: a grippy sole and antibacterial and moisture-wicking sockliners. What’s great about the entire Newton line is that there is a shoe for everyone, whether a beginner or marathon runner.

– Nike Free 7.0 Running Shoe

When it comes to looks, the Nike Free line has the best barefoot runners. The Free line emphasizes the natural movement of your feet, and the shoes are designed to give you the benefits of barefoot running without sacrificing your feet to the elements. Since the Nike Free scale goes from 10.0 to 0.0, with 10 being a fully supportive shoe, the Nike Free 7.0 Running Shoe is a good entry point into this style of running. Just like the speed development scales of Nike company, as it appeared in the market, it become more and more popular, continues the regualr line of Nike shoes, Nike Free is really different.

– Vibram FiveFingers Sprint

Vibram FiveFingers are the most well-known of the barefoot running shoes. But this may have more to do with its unmistakable design. The most versatile shoe in its line, the Five Fingers Sprint is suited for bouldering, running, water sports, yoga, Pilates, everyday wear, and general fitness. Based on the human foot, it is scientist and health. And the runners who wear it said that they can release powers and make magic of their body. As the fitness shoes, vibram five fingers assist you to spread your toes gently. The foot base happens to be wider for this particular footwear style. This brings improvement to the muscles of your feet. The range of the motion of each foot gets enhanced in this way and the general health of the feet improves to a great extent. Also it strengthen the lower part of the legs and the feet muscles. The muscles will turn tougher in the cozy comfort of five fingers. This in turn lowers the risk of leg injury to a great extent. When it appeared in the market, people reflect highly comment of it. Nowadays people wear Nike has translate into vibram five fingers. With this magic shoes, some women can find them thiner while doing exercise.

The hot of barefoot running increasing from year by year, also the hot of producing shoes for barefoot running will never stopped, with this health shop method, people can release themselves in the world barefoot running build and they can also enjoy their life whenever they can.