Barf Feeding 101

Barf feeding is all about giving your dog the right type of food to make sure that it stays healthy. With the convenience of having commercial dog foods in the market more and more dog owners have come to rely on this. The sad truth about making use of commercial dog food is that it gets the best of your dog. Most dogs who go through commercial dog food feeding can suffer from many ailments. Food allergies, potential kidney problems, food intolerance, sluggishness and tooth decay are only some of these.

The best thing that you can do to a dog who is suffering from any of these or any other thing brought about by commercial dog foods is to make use of barf feeding. Barf stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw food or Bones and Raw food. Yes, that is right by feeding your dog with fresh raw foods you can avoid many of the problems that were mentioned above. The main reason behind why barf feeding is better is because the systems of dogs aren’t meant to eat processed foods. These can contain many unnatural ingredients that dogs cannot digest. In the past dogs lived in the wild and they fed on natural raw food, thus making them built for this types of food.

Barf feeding includes making sure that your dog gets a good amount of meat or proteins. These are usually given in many different types such as veal, rabbit, duck, turkey, chicken and pork. You may actually go ahead and feed your dog any meat that is available. This type of feeding also includes giving your dog a good amount of raw bones with some meat on it. A good ratio of raw meat to bones is 1:2, although some dog owners make use of 1:1 also.

Aside from raw meat and bones there are other things that you need to give your dog when barf feeding. Make sure that you give your dog fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a wide variety of vegetables each season so you can take your pick from what is in the market. Don’t limit your dog to one type, but go ahead and mix and match several different kinds. You should chop or puree these to make it easier for your dog to eat.

How much you give your dog should also be considered when barf feeding. Digestion can be longer for these raw foods as compared to commercial dog food. Try weighing your dog to get the right ratio of food for it. You can then opt to feed your dog once or twice a day depending on this.

Bar f feeding is definitely better for your dog and it can be much easier for you if you know the ropes. Start out slowly and you’ll surely get a hang of things as you go on.