Basic Food Safety Issues Can Not Be Ignored

Recently, Feidong Standing Committee on the implementation of the county ” Food Safety Law “conducted an investigation. From the research situation, the county will seriously implement the ” Food Security Act “, and constantly increase the food safety supervision, and further standardize the county Food market Order to ensure that the masses eat “their food,” but there are still many problems of food security can not be ignored: The first legal awareness

be further improved. Some operators of food production there is awareness of the law is not strong sense of law and not even know the law, not law-abiding behavior; some consumers fully understand the importance of food safety to prevent counterfeit and shoddy food is poor, use of legal self- awareness of the protection is not strong, especially in rural and urban fringe is more prominent.

Second, security has not fully carry out supervisory responsibilities in place. In accordance with the “Food Safety Law” requirements, undertake consolidated supervision of the health administrative departments of the implementation regulation is part of agriculture, quality supervision, industry and commerce, food and pharmaceutical sectors, as the county has not yet fully in place institutional reforms, is still not in accordance with the “food security Law “called for the transfer functions and responsibilities of conversion. Thus, the relevant departments support each other, with not enough linkage effects and lack of law enforcement efforts, in the actual monitoring work, the sector is often the existence of “everyone has the responsibility, and everyone can not bear responsibility” phenomenon.

Third, production and management aspects highlighted potential safety problems. Some small restaurants, small Food processing Point and small food stalls, poor equipment, low quality of personnel, mobility, license incomplete and highly dangerous. Especially in rural and urban fringe some of the production and processing enterprises, there are shabby, inadequate health facilities investment, lack of cleaning, disinfection equipment, employees training in place, and physical examination is low, dress hats are not standardized, mixed raw and cooked food, storage food safety problems such as messy disorder.

4 is not reasonable safety control allocation of resources. At present, many with food testing Feidong related institutions duplicated construction and equipment investment to repeat the problem, on the one hand to put pressure on fiscal expenditure, on the other hand lead to equipment investment because investment can not be decentralized to a high precision and advanced development. More Detector Structure of the blame for part of the test units have enough work, the equipment off and on the detection of high demand and some law enforcement agencies, but because lack of resources to carry out impact monitoring.

Food security is directly related to the broad masses of the physical health and safety, directly affect the economic and social development throughout the county. To further implement the “Food Safety Law” and promote the orderly development of standardized food market, it is recommended:

A strengthening Education Training, to raise all of society’s food safety awareness. On the one hand to strengthen the food production operators and employees of the legal, business training and social ethics education, through education and training to strengthen its legal sense of responsibility and food safety awareness, and promote legal, credit management, to ensure food production, circulation, Sell Areas of security; other hand, take various forms, and strengthen the consumers of food safety education, knowledge and access to millions of households to food security, enhance consumers against fake and shoddy foods and self-protection. Second, we must strengthen the sector

duties, efforts to form a joint management effort. Governments at all levels to strengthen food safety Unity Leading to further rationalize the sector functions effectively enhance food production, processing, circulation and consumption of all aspects of supervision, improve the food safety regulatory system and working mechanism. Functions have been defined for work, the functional departments to fulfill their duties, due diligence; for the current functions of the work yet to clear, relevant departments should strengthen communication, co-ordination and close co-ordination, to ensure seamless, smooth transition function is no shortage of place continuously line. Further integration of regulatory power to actively promote joint enforcement, the formation of the functions of clear division of labor, coordination with law enforcement networks to enhance the effectiveness of food safety supervision.

Third, we must intensify supervision, safeguard market order and good food.