Bathroom Tubs Types

Redecorating a bathroom will enhance its comfort and be convenient. Have you ever smelled bad odor in your bathroom even if you have cleaned it? It can be caused by dirt, mold and moss. This smell will come out after years. The mold and moss have been soaking on the floor.

Cleaning bathroom can be the best option to prevent the bad odor but sometimes your will not be able to reach difficult area. Redecorating can be the best option to make sure that there will be no bad odor in your bathroom.

The first thing to be found is bathtub. There are various bathtubs in the market. They are made of various materials such as acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, cast iron, solid surface, cultured marble, and ceramic or glass bathtub. Each material has its own advantages.

Acrylic bathtub is the most popular material for tubs. This material is usually reinforced with fiberglass. It will improve the resistance to crack and increase the strength. It is very lightweight. You can use any chemical to clean this tub. The best thing of this bathtub is that you can clean it easily using mild cleaner. This affordable bathtub can be the best option to replace your old tub.

Porcelain is a strong material. If you use porcelain bathtub, you can feel the strength of it. This lightweight tub is durable and has high resistant to corrosion, acid and abrasion. The other advantage of this tub is fire resistant.

Fiberglass bathtubs have the same appearance with acrylic bathtub. The different between them is on the coating materials. Gel coat bathtubs starts with mold which is sprayed with polyester resin that is reinforced with fiberglass to improve its strength. This tub is available in many shapes, colors and styles. Since fiberglass has various shape and styles, you can choose your desired model. The rest material will be reviewed in next article.