Be a Boss of Your Own Life by Making the Best Choices

Making choices is very important in life, whether they are for your personal life, marriage or your career. If your choices are right, you will get many successes. You will chose many times in your life, so be determined to the choices you make. You can choose what you want to do, where you will do, what you want to do, who you want to marry, how many children you would love to have? You choose the education. Making choices means that you have the power to control your own life.



Either way, you have power over what you choose in your career. The challenges in your career, in most cases, arise not by accident, but from the choices that hold you back or by the ones that have empowered you along the way.


For example:


* You chose to complete a project on your own. Your choice is to work on your own. You think; I love to do these but these people……so, I will do it all myself!


You alienate others, rather than build a supportive network and it will have the consequences that chose for.


* You have to make a choice to send somebody a note, but there is this resistance on the inside of you and you choose not to do it.


Except of stepping up to the plate; resist your thoughts and go and do what you need to do.


* You choose to work all the time. After all we are in this recession and you make this choice out of greed and you even complain about it all the time.


Instead of making the choice out of life, because you love to do this out of love for your family.


It drains your energy and everything goes wrong in your family because of the wrong choice about your attitude.  


* You choose to coast through your career. But you don’t to make plans for the future.


You know when you fail to plan; you plan to fail. So, this choice will give you lack of direction and focus.


Ask ourselves why are things like they are in our life and we keep on going down the same road, just wondering what is happening to your life. But the only thing is that we have to come to the realization that we have been given the free will to choose. This is the core of our being and there is so much more to say about this.


I don’t think that we want to make wrong choices, but we make them because of the influence and information of friends and family; the media. We keep hoping and wishing that somehow our choices will turn out for the best. What do you do with the choices that you will make today and you know that they are not good for you in the long run. Or your instinct is telling you to do something about it and you yield or lean to that feeling of resistance and don’t make the right choice at that given moment.


1.  Make Peace With Your Past Choices.


Don’t look back to the past. We have all made dreadful choices. Nobody is excluded. Sometimes we have to make bad choices in order to make a good choice, you have to know what it feels like to make a bad one. Bad choices can be a good reminder to us how important it is for us to make quality choices. They will motivate us not to do that anymore.


When you look to the past; you look back then you cannot look ahead and see what is coming your way. Make peace with past choices in order to move forward. When you close a door to the past; another one will open to the future. Many people have experienced this and you can too!


2. Look For A Pattern in Your Choices


Observe yourself and even judge yourself what you are doing. Are you following people or are you following your own instinct and become strong and feel empowered because you made the right choice.


3. Make the decision to love make right choices.


Yeah, you can make that decision. Never thought about that? But it’s true. It all comes down to the choice that you make. Until you decide to make better choices, your choices will continue to work against you. This is a crucial step in your life; it will give you focus, purpose and persistence. Your thoughts and words are powerful and life changing


4. Start Making Better Choices.


You can start with just one little single act and from there you will make more better choices.


Stop your thoughts when you know they would lead you into the wrong direction.


• Choose Your Thoughts, for they become Words

• Choose Your Words, for they become Actions

• Choose Your Actions, for they become Habits

• Choose Your Habits, for they become Character

• Choose Your Character, for it becomes Your Destiny.