Be contended what is granted to you

Be contended what is granted to you

by prof Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani

SURA Unjum Ayat 24.AMALil ANSANA MA TAAMA ie every human cannot be granted all his wishes. It is up to God what to bestow him and what not. It is he who makes you rich and it He who brings death to you or burn you. Both this and the herein after worlds are under his supervision. During my childhood we saw a number of people like Ghulam qadir ganderbali incurring injustice and inflicting great physical, mental and psychological torture to the people of Kashmir. He build a mansion on the bank of river .Today none remembers him and his or her ancestry is scorned and hated. His riches could not fetch him anything and I was told he died a miserable death, secluded and rebuked. Thus the examination of bestowing him power by the God was misused by him which brought him to disrepute and his wrath. These verses are very simple in meaning but relieves one of the great burdens in defining or arguing his successes and failures. We saw men orphaned in young age become most powerful and respected in the society. Some of them were bestowed prophet hood like Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) or Hazrat Essa who spoke from the very birth .There are many lessons in these verses for us like. 1. We may desire the heavens and the whole earth, but nay it is granted only with the permission of God. This does not mean we should sit idle and look for the things of riches come our way without struggle. Yes it teaches us to try for any worldly riches or wishes hoping that God shall grant it. If he grants us power, position and riches we should use as per His dictates and gain both this and the other world. If we use it otherwise on the temptation of devil, we are losers here and there too. Here may I cite a few examples the famous discovery of Penicillin was a chance invention, to the efforts of a man who was perusing the cause for long. Same is true of many new inventions like those of Kangaroo milk containing many thousand times more potent antibiotics than the hither to known or upgraded antibiotics. Thus the fear of resistance to microbes to antibiotics is a fear of past. 2. It is Allah who grants you the success or failure in this or the other world. Our faction is obedience and worship. We have to work for the good of the universe. Then leave it to God to reward you here or in the world hereafter. I know many people who were poor but had good health and a happy life. Once they attained riches the vows of family. Heath and related disturbed them all along. We saw men and women leaving huge sums in banks unclaimed which tempts the bad guy to misuse them. We see people living in utter poverty yet with no complaints. Once we work hard and then leave the rewards to the will of God we are a contented lot like Faqira, saints and Reshies, who care for the God and share whatever little they have with the others. We have the example of our beloved Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) who never returned home until all his charities were distributed among the needy and poor. He distributed the wealth of Hazerate Khateja among poor. Blessed are the couple who lived with love and in poverty after sacrificing their riches for the state. 3. It is God who makes you a rich or a poor. He makes you to laugh or weep. Thus all of us have to be contended in this world. Believe him and worship him. We see birds, beasts and the whole universe abiding a natural system. Once we as men disturb the system, the climate, the universe resists and shows signs of pain. The green house gases, the ozone pores and the systematic changes in this universe are the reflection of our overexploitation and non belief of God. We saw human, birds, animals and plants die of hunger and thrust. These are the portents of God wrath; one has to control it by good deeds and noble acts. Today’s world is more often lead by these who either do not believe God or do not agree to the above divine principle. To test us in this world God has created mysteries and has let the devil misled us as he has to fill the hell and heaven on basis of our performenance.I here. Pl correct it and send comments to [email protected]

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