Be Technology Smart ? Go for FTA or Android!

We all pay monthly bills for watching our favorite TV channels (barring a few ones which are free, and which we actually don’t watch). But there are some of us who are different from the rest, some of us who think smartly, know about their surroundings and are alert about what is going on in the market, and beneath it. Wink.

Now, if you are one of those smart people out there, you would have definitely heard of the FTA or the Free To Air Services. Did it come across to any of us that if we can have an equipment (usually in the form of a box) to listen to the popular radio channels, then, why can’t we have a similar equipment to air TV channels. In both the scenarios, we don’t pay any monthly subscription and this additionally saves our time cost, energy cost and psychic costs besides the monetary costs. The FTA is available through satellite and one can view hundreds of channels depending on the geographical area. But again, you can’t have everything everywhere, and unfortunately these services are limited to a few regions only – North America enjoys these services the most, along with Australia, New Zealand etc.

Now, coming to the some prerequisites before we enjoy the FTA or FTV (Free To View) Services. It is common sense that Free to Air won’t just miraculously come out from the air to our television sets. So, we need equipment – that is, a receiver, also known as a FTA receiver box. With an initial investment, you can save so many dollars! In fact, most of these receivers come with additional features such as USB ports, zoom in and out, auto program search, and many other technical features. Brands such as i-link 9000 and cnx nano 2 are commonplace names for FTA receivers. There are many variations and latest versions of the ilink 9000 as well as Conaxsat (cnx nano 2).

For all the technology lovers (especially the younger generation), another trend is catching up – the use of the Tablet PC for multiple usages such as watching TV, playing games, social networking, work and lots more. Amongst the younger and tech savvy audiences, the Android tablet is catching up in a big way. With all its innovative features and apps or ‘application programs’, owning this technology has become a ‘tech savvy statement’. So go ahead and make your choice too!