Be The Glamorous Mom, Part 2

In the past, I have written pieces to encourage moms to amp up the glam in their lives, and I’d like to carry on in that subject today. Most of us opt for convenience and ease when it comes to getting ready for each action-packed day, but that usually means forfeiting any claim to style or elegance. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. A few simple measures can help you look and feel glamorous every day.

Applying makeup takes time and attention that you might not be able to spare, so you may want to investigate permanent makeup options. Professionals can create a more dramatic look with brows, eyes, and/or lips, shaving down your preparation time very day. You can feel more confident every time you step out the door without wasting time and attention that your children need from you.

My personal favorite of these three possibilities is the emphasis on the eyes. An expert in permanent cosmetics can make the lash line appear thicker. The color implant can be applied to either the upper or lower lid (or both), which draws attention to your gaze, regardless of the rest of your appearance. Since I always want my blue eyes to pop without constant spending time with eyeliner that ultimately smudges anyway, this was the best way to go for me.

For women with sparse eyebrows, like my mother, permanent makeup can give a natural-looking fill-in so that you don’t have to take the time to either pencil in your brows or be forced to live with an undesirable lack because you don’t have time to spare.

Wearing a bold shade of lipstick every day can make you feel sexy, but most moms don’t have time to fumble with precise lip liner to give application the clean look you crave, so permanent lip liner makes getting ready a snap.

As I previously indicated, I love to draw attention to my eyes, as I think they’re my best feature, but in the time that it takes to clamp down my eyelash curler and then subsequently use enough coats of mascara to add the desirable length and volume, my children are usually crying or my breakfast is burning, making morning preparation stressful.

If you have that problem, then consider an eyelash perm. Yes, that’s right–a permanent wave for your lashes. This brief treatment’s effect last about two months–the duration of the lash growth cycle–and allows each individual lash to be lifted and curled, giving a more dramatic result both with and without mascara.

These are just a few long-lasting shortcuts to a more convenient and more glamorous daily prep. Though these tips are geared toward moms, anyone with an overly busy schedule can investigate these options to see which will work best for them. BOLA TANGKAS