Beachtown Fun: How To Make Barbecue At The Beach

There is just so much to life about summer beach, sun tan, surfing, beer, and of course, barbecue! Feel the aloha spirit by grilling good food while listening to reggae music and the splash of waves. When it comes to beach food, nothing can be as delicious as freshly grilled meat. To make your beach experience even more realistic, consider using raw elements like fire, metal, and wood instead of instant grillers. This can offer youre a uniquely satisfying beach bonding with your loved ones while enjoying fresh air at the same time.

Prepare a wide selection of food. You do not always need to limit your options to meat. You may also choose fish or even vegetables. Eggplants, bell peppers, and corn will be good options. Marinate the meat overnight to lock in the flavor.

Bring enough charcoal briquettes. Using a portable gas grill will give you the convenience that you need. However, if you really want to have a real and savory beach barbecue experience, use charcoal briquettes.

Prepare your griller. Start by removing the grills grate, Then, stack a pyramid of charcoal in the center. Why pyramid? This allows heat to rise easily and spreads the flame and heat evenly. Then, douse your coals with lighter fluid. If you have a pre-soaked charcoal, just skip the process. Light the coals and allow fire to burn slowly. Allot at least 20 minutes for the coal to turn to ash then make a flat layer of charcoal at the bottom of your grill. Once the charcoal surface turns grey, get your food ready for grilling.

Throw your meat on tip of your griller. Different barbecue recipes require different cooking time.

Soak woodchips. As you cook your meat, soak woodchips in water for twenty minutes then throw them on top of the coal. This will create a very unique aroma. Note that smoking can take longer than cooking. But dont worry, the results are bound to be deliciously special so its all worth the wait.

Make side dishes for your barbecue. For best results, complement your barbecue with fresh fruits and side salad. If youre cooking for a group, ensure that you have something that would cater to every taste.

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