Beating Procrastination – The 3 Deadly Mistakes Procrastinators Make When They Try to Go it Alone

“It just isn’t perfect yet.”
“I need just a little bit more time.”
“If I had just a little bit more information.”

Liar, liar pants on fire!  You are procrastinating!  The sad part is that YOU believe your own lies!  You look in the mirror and you can truly convince yourself that all the excuses you have are real.  Just like FEAR (False Expectation Appearing Real), you have convinced yourself that these excuses are OK. 

To defeat procrastination, there are three Deadly Mistakes that procrastinators make when they try to make it alone.  Are you making any of these mistakes:

Mistake #1.  Planning a goal, plan, project or activity in your own mind with only you knowing what the end result is and only you knowing how you are going to get there.

Mistake #2.  Keeping the plans and the intended outcome all to yourself.

Mistake #3.  Not brainstorming with other like minded people to achieve your outcome.

Bottom line here is that you, as a procrastinator are also very good at pulling the wool over your own eyes.  I am a recovering procrastinator, so I know the story well.  Here are the success secrets that will help you to beat procrastination and be more truthful with yourself.

Success Secret #1.  Get an Accountability Partner today.  This is a person that will hold you accountable for completing the tasks necessary for completing your goals.  This person can be any one that will actually tell you the truth, even if it is painful,  and help keep you on track toward completion.

Success Secret #2.  Announce your intentions publicly.  OK, this does not necessarily mean you have to stand on the roof tops and scream your attentions.  What this means is that you just let someone, anyone, know that you have an intention at all.

Success Secret #3.  Get involved in a Mastermind group.  This could mean many things for everyone.  Simple put, just get together with a like minded group that will support your actions toward completion.

Don’t go it alone.  Procrastination is a FEAR  Procrastination is a False Expectation that Appears Real in your mind.  Get help.  Get an Accountability Partner and a Mastermind Group that will support you in all your intentions.  Make those intentions public to your Accountability Partner, your Mastermind Group or to everyone on Twitter!

Beating procrastination is best done as a team, not alone.  It is easy to lie to yourself but most of us have a hard time lying to someone else.  Partner with someone who will keep you honest and success will be yours!