Beautiful Smell of Coffee – I Love It

Coffee – smell it, sip it, savor the flavor. Since the 15th century, in Egypt the name coffee has gone from being a novelty word, to the name of one of the top two most purchased items in the world. That is actually quite astounding. There are something like 400 billion cups of coffee consumed a year. I want a slice of that money making pie! But the unsung hero, and side-kick to this world renown universal love, its the quiet dependable Coffee Mug. 

The coffee mug has held trillions of cups of the morning brew safely away from burning the drinkers fingers. It has insulated gallons and gallons of java for hours, so that we can hold on to the heavenly warmth for as long as possible. 50% of the American population drinks coffee, and coffee shops earn 12 billion dollars in annual sales. And thats quite a lot considering that the average cup of coffee costs $ 1.38. Men and women are equally in love with coffee, they drink an average of 1.6 cups a day. Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee a day, which makes us the largest consumers of coffee in the world. And the statistics go on. 

Its pretty amazing what our coffee cups put up with. They are beaten, heated up endlessly, left unwashed for days. So the question that should be on everyone’s mind. What do I do with my coffee cup. In the consumerist world of today, there is no  need to spend all these hours with a cracked coffee cup. You don’t have to put up with a mug that won’t hold enough to power you through the day. You have so many options at your disposal, start looking for a coffee mug that you won’t take for granted. 

I have owned many many mugs in my time. I can still remember the first one. It was large, the biggest in my family, I don’t really know why. It had a painted pattern on the side, and a design of blue and red all over it. I would sit with cocoa in my mug and debate with my brother whether it was a turnip or a radish on the side. My brothers had their own mugs as well. My eldest brother had a Scooby-Doo mug. My little brothers had mugs with cats on the side. I bought my dad a massive vat mug, with Santa on the side for one Christmas, and my mom had a nice lavender mug. 

When I moved out of the house and into a college apartment, I somehow gathered mugs to me without realizing it. I got a New York mug from my friend who made a trip there. I got two mugs with faces and protruding noses on them. I owned a huge mug with hot chocolate written all over it, I always knew what to make inside of it. The point is, there is no end to the options out there, so if you have been drinking out of the same mug for years, I can understand the nostalgia, but there is a good chance you can find a companion for your little mug, that will suit your needs even better.