Beauty and skin go hand in hand – here comes the story

Beauty is not exactly what you see from your eyes. Instead, it is dependent on a person’s perspective. Outside beauty is just a fake part but the inside one, or what we call it as, the feeling is the true beauty. In today’s era, we come across many beauty pageants. With the effect of this, not only today’s youth but almost every person on this earth wants to look beautiful. Beauty is a combination of internal harmony which includes one’s personality, grace, charisma, charm, politeness etc. Beauty doesn’t defines only one’s physical looks but certainly also defines one’s internal elegance.
However, everything has a limit and so does the beauty. At some point of time the charisma within you starts getting old. This is the time when one realizes that time has arrived to diminish your beauty. But if given a thought, rewind your life and see all that you have done to acquire beauty.
Beauty is something which god has bestowed on us. It does not need an ornament or artificial accessories. It is simply a gracious gift from god which is given to all. He has given everyone their own unique beauty. Sooner or later, people do realize the gift that has come to them naturally.
The layer that holds the body or skin represents external beauty. So, it should be taken care of gently and regularly. No one would like to have rashes or wrinkles on this vital organ. Skin adapts to the changes around the body. Every woman wants to have a vibrant, beautiful and smooth skin. And they try to utilize the best ways to keep their skin healthy. One has to keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of the product he/she is using. Not only women, men are also skin conscious and use lot of products to keep their skin strong.
Some of the important aspects have to keep in mind to make your skin clean and clear:
•  Wash your face twice a day with a soothing cleanser.
•  Drink plenty of water.
•  Don’t touch pimples and take medication to avoid them.
•  Use sunscreen lotion.
•  For dry skin, apply moisturizer on arms and hands.
•  Spectacle users should wash their specs regularly.
•  Eat green vegetables.
•  Get proper sleep.
•  For acne treatment, one must consult a dermatologist.

•  Protects your body.
•  Covers your body.
•  Keeps your inner body clean.
•  Helps to keep your body in right temperature.
•  Gives your body a new look.
•  Gives a sense of touch.
•  Acts as storage for water etc.

There can be plenty of problems with skin. Some of them are:
•  Rashes
•  Acne/blemishes
•  Allergies
•  Ageing
•  Wrinkles