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Days ago, “Super Girl” has just ended the contest judging, not yet fully into the top 300 in Changsha, has been a fast girl (Forum) due to long of “Cecilia” face and a network of Red. She is a player Kongmy Zhengzhou Division. With its popularity, users pulls out her “old photos” and now in pictures, questioning her purpose plastic into a replica of Cecilia Cheung. The tribute rice when in an interview denied this claim directly, but consult a local reporter in particular cosmetic experts, experts say, if only to provide the image contrast from the users, do have obvious signs of plastic surgery.


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User Technical Analysis: eyes, nose and jaw the greatest change

Have users find the 2008 shooting of a photograph of MV, although this figure if a girl is Kongmy not get my admit it, many users think that two photographs must be the same person. And comparison, the obvious signs of plastic surgery. Some people think the eyes, nose and jaw the greatest change. Some people from the perspective of a more detailed, the tribute rice photos and pictures of Cecilia Cheung contrast, come Kongmy side face (especially cheeks and chin) and Cecilia Cheung is not more natural, and shows signs of plastic surgery that is: “Tribute meters that face the line with a scissors and cut with scissors out of the like. ” These remarks Kongmy

for online and do not care. She said walking in the street has often been considered to be Cecilia, told friends she even doubts that he is a little cosmetic happy: “I heard the news, in fact, a little bit happy, because I grew up is like that, it is said to deliberately cosmetic surgery, that I was a little pretty. “crusade for a variety of online, she said, and I do not care:” I am actually not very Internet. “

Cosmetic expert appraisal: Looking at the photo, indeed the whole of the

Reporter to the alleged Kongmy old friends and tribute rice according to the latest pictures sent experts. Experts: comparison of two photographs from the point of view, the 95% similarity with Cecilia’s tribute rice is definitely with a modern plastic surgery techniques. Face after plastic surgery of the hand with the tiny face like Cecilia, is done grinding bone (zygomatic and mandibular angle) operation; eyebrows done into Bai Zhi signs thick eyebrows; have eyes, obviously carried weight within the eyelid and eye opening, the eyes become bigger than Bo Zhi and God, nose type than before, especially the nose shape. Another obvious change is the lower jaw (commonly known as chin) become rounded, longer, and is the cushion of the prosthesis reason. “

Professor said: “First of all, these two plans should be a person, compared with the biggest change is the mandibular angle, either wear it, or at least punched a face-lift pin. Followed by more obvious changes of the nose. short nose, a lot of the previous photo, the middle quite thin, high nose now, nasion round, it should be done a nose job. ” BOLA TANGKAS