Beckham’s England Staff As Coach Will Be Stationed

“Yesterday, the Football Association has had a high level informal discussions, meetings of the main problems is that after the Euro 2012 national team coach in England who will assume the position, according to insiders, officials FA with the Cheap Soccer Jersey in the debate found after an unexpected combination, ie, Redknapp added Beckham. “Daily Mirror says it has no foundation, the FA level and even this news excited and happy,” This is not manufactured but the fact that the FA really want to do long-term coaching in the Premiership Redknapp has demonstrated its capacity. As for David Beckham as a player is the iconic figure in England, the European Cup Final 2012 in 37 years old Beckham is likely to leave if the FA to invite David Beckham with the National Team Soccer Jerseys to join the coaching staff, I will not refuse. “Thinking in the FA, Redknapp was coach, Beckham Farm as an assistant is the best option if the Winter Beckham loaned to Spurs, just to give two people a chance to warm. In fact, before Capello took over the Lions in three, the England manager, Harry Redknapp, was a popular candidate. It should be mentioned that after taking office in Fabio Capello, Harry Redknapp, in an interview on several occasions expressed dissatisfaction: “England need Klinsmann or Fabio Capello is not the coach Think about it. Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard that players need to teach? In my opinion, choosing the best players and put them well organized, and give them confidence, this is the England coach is most needed to do. “present Redknapp, manager of England should be to serve as an Englishman, “Capello does not speak English, he and his players certainly have difficulties in communication, sometimes the coach has once players understand their intentions, if I go to Italy, I’m sure you do not have to . Redknapp, even behind the other hand, the British media have said little worried, after all, Redknapp is 63 years old 2014 World Cup, 67 years old, so that there are some difficult World Cup, while Redknapp is also given to respond, “age is not an obstacle, I’m from England, let me say the work force has no idea is unlikely.”
Redknapp has already discovered the powerful voice, and then the only question left is David Beckham. Beckham, as coach of the debates in the first after the World Cup in South Africa, when Capello was defeated in South Africa, “The Sun” on the proposal to replace Capello, David Beckham, the British press is also an example of Maradona “Although Beckham with the England National Soccer Team Jersey has not certified as a coach with no experience as a coach, I can not even think about coaching, but as a great player, has the potential to lead the team to succeed, Klinsmann, Maradona Prior coaching experience is not bright but you can train the national team. “And the old, like mine, no one doubts that Beckham is a patriot, cynical, when Fabio Capello, Beckham has also said publicly that any time waiting for the service of national team. Now it seems that Beckham has no state may be players in the national team, then as a coach to continue services for the national team would be a better option. During the World Cup in South Africa, although David Beckham can not enter a team roster due to injury, but he arrived in South Africa, thousands of miles, as a happy group, David Beckham has been sitting on the bench cheering for the team. Equipment in times of adversity, David Beckham took off his suit and nervous team loses the ball, is depressed, Frank Lampard scored a goal disallowed at the time, David Beckham, and even went ahead with the theory of the assistant referee. British media bluntly: “David Beckham is more concerned with England’s Fabio Capello.”
It can be expected, if the FA for his kind invitation Beckham, Beckham with the England Soccer Shirt does not mind indifferent to the national team, the only obstacle is that after Euro 2012, Beckham will retire, after all, Beckham played soccer too much love, past, said he would play until 40 years of age. In any case, the FA has made a bold vision for the future; the FA will no doubt make every effort to mediation.