Become a Celeb At A Celebration Once You Go As A Pirate Ladies Outfit

Costume parties are no longer limited to Halloween. Today, you can have a costume party almost any time. If you have been invited to a costume party but have no idea of what to wear, consider a Pirate Women’s Costume.

The recent series of movies about pirates have made these costumes very popular. You will find that both men and women choose a pirate costume so that they can enjoy a party. There are so many women’s pirate costumes available that you can choose one that will be different from everyone else.

Costumes for pirates can range from sexy to creepy. Many of the ghost pirate costumes are covered in sea weed and can be used by either men or women. Some of the ghost pirate costumes include a full face cover is you do not want to be recognized.

Sexy pirate costumes often have short skirts and may have a bare midriff. For something less revealing, you may want to choose a Pirate Princess or Pirate Queen costume that offers a longer skirt and covers the midriff. A Pirate buccaneer costume offers the longer skirt but still has the sexy look with slit up the side, corset and low cut chest.

While there are plenty of women’s costumes from which to choose, some women will prefer to dress like a male pirate. You will also find a large variety of men’s costumes, complete with sword and eye patch from which to choose.

Pirates always need a battle scar. You can make the scar using theatrical makeup on the face. In addition you might want to grab a fake hook for the hand. Some costumes for both men and women have a peg leg to complete the look.

Why choose to be just one pirate when you can be the entire ship. Costumes of a ghost pirate ship allow you to have your own sail and crows nest that move wherever you go. If the ship is too much why not dress like the first mate and carry your own crows nest.

Just because the pirate costume says that it is for a woman does not mean that it is off limits to men. To be the life of the party try going as a cross dressing pirate. At the very least, you are likely to be remembered for years.

Many pirate costumes also include headgear. Some will have only a scarf or tie for the head but others have the triangular hat. Hats are generally black but some may be red. The skull and cross bones decorations add to the authentic look.

When invited to a costume party, a women’s pirate costume can add to the fun. You will find both sexy costumes as well as creepy and everything in between. The costume you choose can be according to your own personality. There are so many pirate costumes available that your costume is likely to be very unique.