Becoming Your Best Self – Every Day’s a Party

If you have access to the Food TV Channel, then you are familiar with Emeril Lagasse. His winsome smile, culinary expertise and passion for cooking have skyrocketed him to the top echelon of TV cooks. And not just on TV. Our visit to his “Delmonico’s Steakhouse” remains the highlight of our Las Vegas honeymoon.

Recently, a friend of mine noticed that several recipes from an Emeril Live! Show were from his “Every Day’s A Party!” cookbook. She further concluded that the title appears to be his secret recipe for success: Live every day like it’s a party! Live life to the fullest. Enjoy every experience to the max. Find the joy in every single thing.

What a way to go through life! And it’s infectious. It’s hard to watch him and not get caught up in feeling good. This is particularly true on the shows when he has a live audience, but happens when it’s a closed set as well.

What would happen to our lives if we approached everything with the same “joie de vivre”? How would life be different if you treated everything – work, play, home, people (family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, people you pass on the street), EVERYthing – like the most marvelous gift you ever received?

What doors would open up? What sadness or illness would disappear? What people would be drawn to you? What would sleep after a day, week, month of that be like? What would it be like if everything that happened to you was an opportunity? No wonder phrases like “bam!” and “let’s kick it up a notch” have entered into the vernacular.

I am thinking this might be a great way to look at life and look forward to incorporating it into my life. I hope you will too. Remember, every morning when you wake up, it’s a “party” day!