Becoming Your Best Self – Trump That (Negative) Thought!

Have you ever had a song that keeps running through your head and drives you crazy? That happened to me on a recent car trip. When I mentioned it to my husband, he told me I needed a ‘Trump’ song, one that would not only over-ride the annoying song, but would also be one I would enjoy hearing repeatedly.

I immediately realized that creating a ‘trump’ would work not just on annoying song lyrics, but on any negative thought that takes control of your mind. It works the same way as in cards: Once a trump suit is declared, any card in that suit will win over a card not of that suit. For example, if Diamonds are trump, the 2 of Diamonds will win over the Ace of Spades, which is normally the highest card of any suit.

For this to work effectively, it’s important to declare the trump in advance. In other words, you want to have your positive replacement ready so that the moment you realize a thought is obsessing you and taking you on a downward spiral, you can ‘pull out the trump’.

For example, if you find yourself thinking a negative thought such as ‘I’m no good at this skill’,trump that thought with ‘Well, maybe, but I’m great at Skiing!’ or even something unrelated like ‘Yeah, but I was really awesome in that High School play. Everybody loved me!’ The key is to not fight the thought, just bring a more powerful and personal thought to bear on it.

Some Suggestions for ‘Trumps’
Here are ten possible items to use for ‘trump’. Remember, the trump doesn’t have to be connected to the thought you are trying to eliminate. It just has to have a strong pull and be up-lifting.

A song, preferably something light and happy. ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ would be perfect because it is almost impossible to sing either of these without smiling.
A list of things you’re grateful for. Again, it’s very hard to be in gratitude and not smile.
A list of people or animals you love.
A list of people or animals who love you.
5 of the most exotic places you’d like to visit.
A picture of someone or something you love, or something that’s just too cute for words that makes you go ‘Ahhhh’.
Remembering a moment you’re proud of, no matter how long ago it took place.
Remembering a time when you were extremely happy and filled with joy, such as when your children were born.
Your favorite joke, the one that makes you giggle even though you’ve heard it a thousand times.
Remembering the smile on the person’s face that you let go ahead of you in line.