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The first case Food Packaging Consumer rights cases of first instance decision, the old side of dumplings Beijing stores was sentenced to 55 yuan compensation for consumers –

News playback This year’s “3? 15” on the eve of a Beijing Environmental protection After investigation, the Organization will be located in Beijing Golden Resources Shopping Mall in the old side of dumplings Museum and Dong Lai Shun Jin Yuan Fanzhuang to court on the grounds that the hotel carcinogenic substances containing low-quality disposable lunch boxes. The case “3? 15” day of formalized.

First report entitled: “Beijing” old side dumplings “were prosecuted using the cancer lunch box”

One-time use of low-quality lunch box, the old side of the store dumplings in Beijing court ruling, compensation for consumers 10 times the total of 55 yuan meal money.

Recently, the first case related to food packaging, consumer rights case settled first instance verdict.

According to experts, disclosed that the state authorities will be issued for the catering company recently purchasing the policy use of disposable tableware, disposable tableware unsupervised fully expected to end the chaos.

Verdict: Pi Panpei 10 times the “meal money”

Yesterday, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Beijing, May 20, Beijing Haidian District People’s Court of Beijing reported an environmental organization Honored Food Industry and Beijing Dong Lai Shun Jin Yuan Border dumpling shop museum limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the old side of Beijing dumpling hall) use and Sell Case of poor-quality meal first instance verdict.

Got yesterday’s Haidian District People’s Court of First Instance verdict on the case, judgments show the court that, according to China ” Food Safety Law “states: Food production and operation shall comply with food safety standards, imported food should direct a small package or use non-toxic, clean packaging materials, utensils. Court of First Instance found, Donglaishun Jin Yuan dumpling shop and the Beijing Museum of the old side is inferior to use lunch boxes lunch boxes, lunch boxes judgment costs and compensation for the plaintiff to buy a fine of 10 times, totaling 220.

Which source judgments Donglaishun gold shop to buy lunch boxes within 7 days of compensation costs 15 yuan and 10 times the compensation 150; ruling Beijing Museum of compensation for the old side of dumpling meal costs five yuan and 50 yuan compensation 10 times . The test fee for the plaintiff, notary fees and damages to human health claims, the court did not support.

Shenyang headquarters of the old edge: stores responsible for their own

Yesterday, the reporter on the old side of dumplings again the two stores in Shenyang use tableware made unannounced visits to the two restaurant staff to the customers are mostly used in food packaging food packaging bags, the reporter did not find the use of foam food lunch box packing box or suspicious circumstances.

Lost for the first instance, will the press call yesterday, Shenyang, Beijing Border Foods Ltd, the responsible region, she said he does not know the verdict. Subsequently, the head of the old Beijing by calling for the museum side of dumplings, but it has shut down.

Official said the incident occurred, the store immediately to replace the new environmental lunch boxes, for safety reasons, department store has commissioned a correlation detection was tested, confirmed safe before put into use.

Against the ruling, she said the prosecution case the object is in Beijing dumpling side of this old hall, even if the need for compensation even pay 10 million, is also the matter of the store, the company does not assume joint and several liability.

Matter whether the brand will affect the old side of dumplings, she personally do not think that very much. BOLA TANGKAS