Belize Tours: Where to Go, What to Do And How to Have Fun!

Say hello to the life you want! A life that is fun, enjoyable and peaceful. Say hello to Belize paradise.

Belize is the ultimate vacation destination. The country is in the middle of the blue and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and the preserved wild forests of Central America. Belize toursconsist of nature trips and adventure exploration with a touch of historical tourism.

If you like bird watching, snorkeling, the beach, trekking, Mayan ruins and shopping for amazing Central American wares, then you might have trouble leaving Belize because this is the paradise you are looking for.

We want to help you better enjoy Belize so here is a list of ways you can thoroughly enjoy and lose yourself in this heavenly vacation spot.

Belize Tours Guide # 1: Go to Altun Ha and Lamanai for the Mayan ruins.

Are you a history buff? If you like traveling to the past to see a great civilization that existed before our time which has influenced us from thousands of years ago, you can find it here in Belize. Feast your eyes on the structures of Mayan culture and the ruins that have been preserved from thousands of years ago. The sites are accessible and very tourist-friendly and you can visit the ruins without too much physical exertion.

Belize Tours Guide # 2: For snorkelers, there is Caye Caulker and Northern Cayes for you to swim in.

The schools of fishes roaming freely at sea, you can swim with them. The carefree dolphins swimming with grace and beauty, you can observe them. The awe-inspiring coral reef structure, you can be amazed by it. The turtles which number in thousands during mating season, you can snorkel with them. If you like marine life, then go to these places and be one with the sea.

Belize Tours Guide # 3: For the beach bums, say hello to the Caribbean Sea.

The reason why Belize is the perfect for vacationing and relaxing is because the weather is always beach perfect. The sun is always hot and up. The water here is always warm, clear and inviting. This is a tropical paradise and if you like lying on the sand, getting a tan, or relaxing, then this is the place for you. Choose among hundreds of beach resorts here!

Belize Tours Guide # 4: If you are a birdwatcher, go visit the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary.

You will be able to see more than 500 species of aviary life and it can be done in the comforts of a preserved wildlife park.

Belize Tours Guide # 5: The top cities that are highlighted in this Belize tour include Tikal, San Ignazio, Belize City, Macal Rivers, Placencia, and kayaking between Cayes.