Benefits of Directory Submission

Link building plays an important role for all online marketers. Link building can easily be done through Directory Submission. Directory submission is one of the best well known methods of link building today. It cost efficient or sometimes even free which makes this method more appealing to all online marketers.

Directory submission is a process of submitting your website to online web directories. This is method is almost used by all webmasters nowadays to make money online through their websites. Given below are some benefits of directory submissions.

Increase Your Backlinks

With directory submissions, your website will gain lots of backlinks. Generating backlinks is the major benefit of web directory submissions.

Sure Indexing In Search Engines

By creating backlinks, the search engine bots will find your website URL in the web directories and follow these links helping your website to get indexed in the search engines.

Regular Bot Visit

The search engine robots often visit all websites to update the site information for archiving. If a website has many backlinks, then those bots will visit your website on a more regular basis. This helps in ranking you website higher.

More Backlinks Will Generate More Traffic

Many people search for information that takes them to some web directories and your site being there, you just gain some extra visibility. More over, many people directly search for some interesting topics or sites listed in the web directories. So obviously the more links you have listed, more traffic your site will get.

Making Use of Anchor Text

Using a keyword as an anchor text and submitting it to the web directories will build good link popularity. A keyword based on your site theme can be used to hyperlink with the website URL to help generate backlink from the directories.

Niche Directory Submission

You get high quality appropriate backlink to your website when you submit your site to niche directories. Niche directories list only the relevant websites under the same category. This will help the users to exactly find sites of interest easily which in turn will send some traffic to your website.

Brand Popularity

Web directory submission helps you in creating an awareness and popularity for your website. More you submit your site to directories, more popularity you will gain.

Free Link Building Method

There are many free web directories available in the internet. You can submit your site free of cost in those directories. Anyhow it’s a time consuming process but you get backlinks free of cost. If you don’t have time to do these submissions, you can find a link building service provider to help you out with the submissions.

Find Link Exchange Partner

Web directories can be a great place for finding link exchange partners. You can find sites matching the category of your own site in those web directories and browse through those sites to see whether they have any link exchange programs. If they don’t show any link exchange program, you can contact the admin to see if you can strike a deal.
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