Benefits of Growing Organic Vegetables

1. Are there health benefits to growing organic vegetables?

We all worry about our health. Will genetics tilt in our favor?

We try to do all in our power to prevent disease, but could prevention be as close as our back yards?

Studies have shown that common garden pesticides are the culprits behind many disorders including, but not limited to: birth defects, anxiety disorders, infertility, and childhood cancers.

Growing organically allows you to avoid these dangerous chemicals. You also have the opportunity to take in plenty of sunlight while doing your own gardening, which helps to fight depression. You have the chance as well, to switch from “machine power” to “muscle power”, which burns more calories.

So slip on those gardening gloves and grab some seeds.

2. Are there financial benefits to growing organic vegetables?

Buying organic from the store shelf can raise your grocery bill substantially, and finding the organic items you want can be difficult in some areas of the country.

By growing your own organic fruits and vegetables you can lower that ever-expanding food budget.

It would be a good example to say:

A package of organic seed costing about $ 2 could easily
yield 50 half lb to 1 lb tomatoes.

To purchase this many tomatoes from the grocery store at
$ 1.99 per pound would cost you anywhere from $ 50 to $ 100.

The savings are amazing!

You could also start your own compost heap with the leftover rinds, peels, and stems, which is a good source of fertilizer and helps the environment by lowering the amount of garbage that we dump into landfills.

To learn how to protect your wallet as well as your health.

3. What are the environmental benefits of growing organically?

Organic Gardening offers us a way to protect Mother Earth by reducing the amount of chemical pesticides and herbicides that are poured into the soil.

Growers learn to feed the soil before they feed the plant, keeping the soil healthy while still delivering a bountiful yield. Some use companion planting to reinforce these efforts.

We can show you this eco-friendly gardening.

4.Let’s not forget the ease-of-use and satisfaction.

It can be very satisfying to literally SEE the fruits of your labor, to know that you’ve put your back-bone where your wish-bone is and delivered a healthy harvest to your family.

When someone compliments your delicious homemade 4-cheese lasagna, you can beam with pride as you tell them you grew the tomatoes and basil yourself… organically!

And they’ll never believe how easy it was.

Planting organically take s less effort than more modern methods, usually on requiring that you plant, fertilize, and water.

Try your hand at growing organic vegetables today!