Benefits of Potassium – Know Its Power For Water Balancing in Our Body

Have you heard of homeostasis? Our body has the inherent mechanism to regulate the inner environment in relation to outside weather conditions and other outside environment. Water in our body plays an important role for this homeostasis. Water balance is essential for healthy life. You can appreciate the benefits of potassium if we know the importance of water balance in our body.

The balance between the water intake and the water excretion is the water balance. Optimum water balance ensures the following:

All our cells are immersed in the fluid containing nutrients. This fluid also carries waste away from the cells. The fluid inside the cells guarantees for cell structures with proteins and glycogen. If fluid balance is tilted, we cannot lead a healthy life and we will be prone to diseases.

How the water is balanced to the optimum level? These fluids have a chemical compound which is water soluble. This is known as solutes. When solutes are dissolved in the fluid, they are separated into ions. One of the ions present in the fluid inside the cell is potassium ions. It balances the sodium ions in the fluid outside the cells to maintain pressure and water balance in the body. Now you understand the importance of potassium for our body.

Let us take few most dangerous situations of water imbalance. We all know about dehydration. It is because of fluid loss due to vomiting, excessive urination, diarrhea, heat, profuse sweating due to intense physical activity etc. Can you imagine that severe dehydration occurs when 10 to 15 percentage of our body fluid is lost? Severe dehydration will lead to death.

Take the case of excess water in the body. How it happens? When water excretion is not regulated, water is retained thus accumulation happens. Our brain and kidney regulate the excretion. Water balancing act by the ions are important for these organs to regulate by getting required signal. Excess fluid generally gets collected in the feet and legs known as edema. Again, extreme water intoxication will lead to death.

It is a very complicated balancing act done in our body where benefits of potassium are conspicuous. However, one has to be very careful to ensure proper dosage else, it will be counter productive. For certain heart deceases, medication is given to prevent retention of sodium and water retention. In such cases, increased urinary loss will show potassium deficiency. You are not supposed to take your own decision to consume any potassium supplement. You should approach qualified medical practitioners.

Banana, grapefruit, orange, tomato, potato are having rich potassium in them.

Potassium as one of the ingredients in complete natural nutrition supplements should not cause any concern. Again, it should be appropriately concentrated in the supplement. I know for sure a fantastic nutritional supplement called Total Balance which offers the benefits of potassium for our precise water balancing act. I have been taking this natural nutritional supplement and leading a healthy life. You should visit my website to learn more about the nutrition, health and wellness. I am confident that it will be an enriching experience for you.