Benefits of Retail Gridwall and Slatwall

Slatwall and gridwall are very versatile display options for retail stores. They allow you to change up your displays quickly and easily, without spending a lot of money. Replacement costs are just about nothing if you get a decent quality gridwall or slatwall. They look great and maintain their quality and appearance very well.

You can maximize your use of these store displays by utilizing slatwall or gridwall accessories. Just about any product you need to display has an accessory designed to showcase it. Shelves, bars, hooks and more are easily moved around to make the most of your space.

Slatwall and gridwall are especially popular in smaller retail stores where space is limited. You can utilize the vertical space that you have available and free up some room on the floor. Your merchandise can be displayed facing out or hung on mannequin forms to really showcase the items that you’re trying to sell. Displaying clothing in this way has a lot of benefits that you may have not even considered.

Customers can see your clothes and what they look like on, even if they are not in your store. Having merchandise up high draws the eye into your store. Customers can see many articles at once and quickly determine if they would like to shop in your store.

Another benefit to having things up high and having the sales floor more spaciously arranged is reduced shoplifting. Garment racks that are crowded with clothing not only keep customers from seeing everything that you sell, but also give shoplifters a lot of cover to do their business. One of the most common ways that a shoplifter steals is to reach between clothing on a clothing rack and drop articles into their bag, purse or stroller, completely hidden from sight. Additionally, if customers have to interact with sales associates to get their sizes down from the wall, then they are less likely to think that they can get away with stealing it.

Slatwall and gridwall help you to come up with interesting displays, but they also help you to camouflage certain things from customers. Let’s say that you are discontinuing an item. Well, we all know that it is a big no-no to display a less than full rack, or customers will not buy. Being able to cleverly rearrange hooks, shelves and racks will help you to move a once full bar on to and inconspicuous shelf.

Using slatwall and gridwall for merchandising can help you to increase your sales, reduce loss, and keep your store looking top notch. It is durable, inexpensive and a great addition to any retail store.