As you were a kid you even use to be in the fantasy world so what bad the kids of this era do who wish to be in a different world in there childhood. The new world seems good as they get lot to think about those matters which they will never be able to see. And in that early age they get these thought to the maximum depth and the enjoy them more as the maturity enters the mind then things go differently and they fun in these different world and thoughts is lost.

Now there is a new creation for them to reach the world of extinct and they were seen by no one who are in the world presently and those even who had been of olden times. They were just a part of history. This is the The Berenstain Bears and the missing dinosaur bone where there is a sculpture of a dinosaur and that has a missing bone in the museum that has to searched by three bear detectives. Seems to be interesting and there will be many who will love to read this book even is this is a Children Story Books. This are in series and are the best comic books.

The book is pen downed by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain the name of the nears resemble to their names so there might be many things they must have resided in the book that might be part of their life, no one knows that till they read the book to their children. But this is a mystery genre book and it will definitely excite your kids as this is mind bending for them and help them to built a better grasping power and make their mind thought run faster. The bears in the Comic Books are like the heroes to the kids and they wish to be like them they are in the fame and talked by kids to the parents all of the want every series of the Berenstain Bears – they are lovable too and give knowledge and fun both to the kids.