Best 3 Medical Examination Gloves You Can Ever Purchase

Medical examination gloves are crucial tools for every health care facility. The article provides a review of the best medical gloves on today’s market.

medical gloves in health care facilities are indispensible infection control tools. Researchers have peen proving that using the right gloves can reduce health personnel hand contamination by 80%; thus, protecting patients from cross infection. Moreover, gloves protect medical personnel from catching infection from their patients.

Choice of the material of the glove is crucial to ensure safety of both patients and health care providers. Choosing a glove that is of bad quality might lead to contamination, in case the glove is accidentally torn. Procure’s medical gloves are amongst the best examination gloves you can ever encounter on today’s market. Whether you prefer latex, vinyl or nitrile examination gloves, let us review some of the best medical gloves available today.

Procure’s Latex Exam Gloves, Powdered

The latex examination gloves from Procure are lightly powdered and are non-sterile. They come as 100 gloves per box with 10 boxes in every case. The gloves are made from natural rubber latex that guarantees maximum tactile sensitivity. It is also very practical in manual examinations as they are soft and allow an extremely comfortable grip. Procure’s latex examination gloves are manufactured according to the standards of the American Food and Drug Association. The gloves act as a powerful barrier against blood borne bacteria and viruses and also offer protection against contamination with other bodily fluids.

DermCrest Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves, Powder Free

Those nitrile examination gloves from DermCrest are powder free; hence, they are perfect for allergic individuals. They come as 100 gloves per box and 10 boxes within every case. The gloves are lightly textured which ensures a secure grip. Moreover, the gloves feature beaded cuffs which render donning easy. The gloves come in a blue color which boosts visibility. The gloves come in 4 sizes; small, medium, large and X-large.

Procure’s Vinyl Exam Gloves

If you prefer synthetic vinyl gloves, then Procure has the perfect examination gloves for you. Procure’s vinyl gloves are manufactured from premium quality PVC; hence, it is ideal for individuals with skin allergy. Those latex free examination gloves are very soft, yet durable. The gloves are stretchable to conform to your hands; however, they can ensure the strength, sensitivity and safety you need. They come in a box of 100 non-sterile gloves with 10 boxes per every case. Procure’s latex examination gloves are available in 3 sizes; small, medium and large.

Procure’s medical examination gloves have some excellent product reviews on the internet. Testimonials illustrate the superiority of Procure’s gloves over gloves which are offered by other vendors.

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