Best Ages For A Face Lift

A face lift can shave years off of a person’s appearance. The face is one of the first things that other people see. It is the part of one’s body that is most viewable by the public. It is also the part of one’s appearance that is the most judged by others. In an ideal world, no one would be judged by their looks, but in reality, it happens all the time. If a person looks old, tired or cranky, there are opportunities in certain areas of life which may become limited. In the workforce, for instance, some of the more choice assignments may get passed to those who appear younger as they are judged to have more energy and vitality. While this is not always the case, some older people don’t get the chance to prove the inaccurate assumptions to be wrong.

What is the best age for face lifts? It depends on the person. Sometimes a person needs a different procedure than they may think. Here are some ages and procedures that go hand in hand:

– Twenties to thirties: While some in this age group may begin to have fine wrinkling, they are not yet ready for the full scale operation. Resurfacing and rejuvenating treatments may be their best choices. Some examples of resurfacing techniques include dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser peels. Rejuvenating options include facials and skin tightening masks. With dermabrasion and microdermabrasion, the upper layer of tissue is sanded away with either a rotary tool or crystals. This will get rid of fine lines and scarring. Chemical and laser peels will achieve the same results but with a chemical solution or with a laser device.

– Forties to Fifties: This age group may be helped out by the same resurfacing and rejuvenation techniques which are used during the previous decades. Botox may relax crows’ feet or laugh and frown lines in order to create a smoother look. Facial liposuction may be useful in removing pouches of fatty deposits which are forming in the chin and jowl region. A mini-version or thread lift may be helpful to create a more youthful appearance without the full scale operation. In the late fifties, a person may be ready to undergo the full procedure, depending on the aging process of their skin.

– Sixties and seventies: These are prime decades to have a full scale face lift performed. This procedure will target the lower seventy-five percent of one’s face, such as the jaw line, cheeks and jowls. If the eyelids or forehead are the troubling sagging culprits, an additional procedure such as a blepharoplasty or forehead lift may be called for.

– Eighties and Nineties: By these decades, the skin has often lost much of its elasticity and tone and a person may need to make peace with looking elderly. While some in their early eighties may still opt to go under the scalpel, they are a smaller group than in previous decades.

The average face lift lasts from seven to twelve years before the skin begins to sag once again. When deciding what age to undergo the procedure, this should be taken into consideration. BOLA TANGKAS