Best Appetite Suppressant Hoodia – What Other Manufacturers Do Not Tell You

If you go to the pharmacy or food supplement section or search the internet for that matter, you will find most advertisements clamming that their product is the best appetite suppressant Hoodia. The Hoodia Gordonii is creating quite a reputation in itself. Companies from all over the world are clamoring to get a hold of this wonder plant. It is said to be the best natural appetite suppressant so far. However, it has existed for hundreds of years already. This has been used by the Bushmen of South Africa to suppress their hunger for week-long hunting trips.


So, when was this plant discovered exactly? The plant has attained its popularity between the late 19th century and early 20th century. It is said to let you lose weight by removing the need to eat more especially in between meals and provides you with energy at the same time. Unlike other appetite suppressants which put your metabolism into overdrive. This abnormal activity of the body though may help to burn more calories in the body will sometimes result to negative effects in your system. You will commonly felt being drained afterwards when the effect dies down. Some suffer the hunger pang. Despite the promising facts there are other manufacturers that do have the Hoodia in their product but not the Real Hoodia Gordonii. How can this be?


The best appetite suppressant Hoodia is exclusively farmed with a limited supply in the Kalahari dessert and distributed to only a few companies that are legally allowed to export it by having the CITE certificate. The real Hoodia Gordonii is very hard to purchase so some companies turn to alternative Hoodia grown in other countries other than South Africa. The problem with this is that there are about 20 or more species of Hoodia which does not suppress the appetite. Technically, these less reputable companies can join into the fray of the popularity of Hoodia and claim that their product holds 100 percent Hoodia. But theirs are definitely not the Gordonii. Consumers would later wonder why there is no lasting effect from the product they have purchased. If there are companies that really can get a hold of the real Hoodia Gordonii they still go through shortcuts.


The real Hoodia Gordonii has to undergo an advanced process to extract the molecule that causes to suppress ones appetite. The rest of the plant skin, roots go out of the window.  To have more output, these companies use the whole plant which would mean the lesser cost the more they earn.  It is important to be meticulous when you want to purchase the real thing. Ordering from reputable companies though it may cost more will surely give you the best appetite suppressant Hoodia.


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