Best Article Submission Method: Spin Your Articles Before Submission

If you are into article submission for some time now as a way to gathering backlinks to your web site(s), then you most likely observed that the same article submission you are doing all along kinda dropped in effectiveness in the current days. No Fears! You are not all alone and countless number of other article marketers are in the identical shoes as yours. If you are not sure why you are not getting benefited the similar way from similar submissions, then you must know about Google’s notorious duplicate content penalty.

Google considers duplicate articles as large block of content that are found similar to each other. So fundamentally if you submit the identical article over and over to different article directories, Google will find them as repetitive.

What do they do with the duplicate content? Google just removes those from indexing. As clear-cut as that. And truly because your duplicate pages from all the article sites keep being removed form indexing, your incoming links decline over time giving you not much gain from your article submission anymore.

So what to do you ask? Is there no way of submitting articles for links these days?

Don’t press the panic button quite yet. There is always a technique, if you are eager to do the hard work that is. Best article submission technique nowadays would be distributing unique articles evidently where you distribute unique articles to all the article sites.

This is helpful as long as you only do a few article distributions to a a small number of article sites. This turns in to nightmare where you distribute to plenty of article sites as there is no way you could get lots of unique articles written and submitted on a recurring basis. Not only it is awfully time taking, if you are utilizing any article submission service, this will roll into an expensive way of gathering links at the end.

While best article submission would be distributing all unique content, you can actually use a smart way of accomplishing the job with very nominal hard work. You take your one article, spin that for plenty of variations, then submit each unique version to individual article directories. This way you will have all unique content distributed to the directories and no risk of being trapped into duplicate content filter.

If you are not positive how to do the spinning and distribution or find it tremendously time consuming, which it is really, then you at all times can contract out your article submission to an SEO Company who are offering article submission service.

Give yourself a break form having to compose lots of articles on a day after day basis and then submitting them spending countless number of hours. Get an article submission service that is logically priced who can spin and distribute your articles and make the most out of it.