Best Article Submission: Spin And Distribute

Article submission is a very admired process of creating backlinks to a site. Veteran online marketers and SEO pros have been using this link building method for some time now. There was time when single article submitted to hundreds of article directories would get a website decent raise in SERP (search engine result pages) ranking but over time that trend faded away. Due to more and more internet pages being filtered out by Google lately, best article submission would be at the moment spin and distribute.

Duplicate content on 3rd party internet sites won’t penalize your site but given that Google works hard to exhibit content that are as unique as possible, lot of those duplicate pages on the article sites in the long run get filtered out form the search results. Since we should keep more and more pages indexed to increase the number of our backlinks, best article submission method would be rewriting each article to make hundreds or even thousands of unique versions and submit them to article sites, relevant sites and blogs.

Because it is very time consuming to spin an article by hand for thousands of unique variations, if not unattainable, most of the individuals who are into spin article submission are likely to hunt for an article spinning application that does a decent job in spinning. No application in the market now however has the functionality to spin an article that is proper for human readers. You do not want to distribute an article that will injure the credibly of your website by submitting articles with poor sentence structure and bad grammar.

Either rewrite plenty of different variations yourself or outsource your writing and rewriting work to a content writing and link building service provider. An SEO company or a link building service supplier can not only get your content spun, they can also distribute those unique versions to article directories for you. All you do is enjoy seeing your backlinks increasing.

Most tricky work to do here would be finding an SEO company that is capable of providing a service that works and at the same time inexpensive. You can get a sense by looking at their web site design, what they assure on the web site, how they do things, whether they guarantee you any certain quantity of submissions, uniqueness of the submitted content, etc. Since very complicated customized tool is needed to assist such spinning and submission job, only an SEO Company that is financially very solvent can afford to make investments that much beforehand to get this kind of custom application developed. An offshore typical freelance link building service provider will not most likely be your top bet in this type of SEO job. Your better bet would be to look for an structured SEO Company that offers a variety of solutions and have been conducting business for some time maintaining faultless reputation.