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Following the October 4 launch of the feminization of the success of the pilot stores in Denver, after the largest consumer electronics retail chain Best Buy on October 15 that the company’s upcoming next-generation “BestBuy Mobilestores (Best Buy Mobile stores)” pilot stores. The company also announced the introduction of the new Best Buy Mobile stores a unique, independent business models of mobile products designed to help customers move from their lives to get more value and fun.

Model update larger Best Buy Mobile stores will offer customers a new wireless network swim experience and to provide a full range of options than ever for mobile devices, including
, Laptop computer, PDA,
, Game consoles and other handheld devices, the latest and most complete product, and to help customers complete control of Bluetooth devices, such as how to connect with mobile phones and mobile phones to upload pictures to your computer superior mobile product features, usage and skills.

Best Buy’s new “Best Buy Mobilestores (Best Buy Mobile stores),” The target consumer groups with Best Buy’s traditional large-scale stores very different: the former is the major consumer groups for women and younger consumers; after who is the so-called “Tweens (boil for a short wire: that well-off young people to enjoy the pursuit of fashion)” and young people. Best Buy stores operated by the traditional consumer electronics retailers, the majority of goods and not much different, however, the new Best Buy Mobile stores display through the new way of life will move all the necessary products, services plans and
Equipment into the same space, so young and impulsive consumers access to exceptional shopping experience.

“The new Best Buy Mobile shops based on a simple idea: only time when the technology together to create better work.” Best Buy Mobile president Shawn Williams High (ShawnScore) said. “Today, many alternative ways of life. To live a better life then, it can not do without technology support. If that’s so bad on the one hand, relying solely on single function gadget will not work correctly. The shop is aimed at help people move from their lives to get more value and fun. “Williams said Mr. Gao.

“I think we are looking forward to the new Best Buy Mobile Best Buy pilot to become a long-term development strategy, we consider it necessary to set up an independent characteristic of the new Best Buy Mobile shops.” Best Buy Mobile Marketing Vice CEO Scott Moore (ScottMoore) Mr.. “Obviously, no one’s environment, the current global economic collapse was pleased. Therefore, we do not have much to consider declaring the new Best Buy Mobile stores will give us the pilot what.” Mr. Moore expressed the new Best Buy Mobile pilot has nothing to do with the price point, and further stated that this is a long-term management actions rather than concocted news points to attract attention of shareholders and consumers.

New Best Buy Mobile stores to provide customer value include:

Rich mobile phones, ultra-portable notebook computers, mobile video equipment and fittings;

Knowledgeable professional service teams, including Secret Geek (Geek Squad Agents) on-site services;

Best Buy Mobile Walk-Out-Working (TM) plans to provide multimedia and smart phone consulting and training services;

Direct pricing (Straight-forwardpricing), including non-bargaining, no discount; save consumers shopping time is invalid, remove the bargaining worry;

Field maintenance, working phones (user machine during the maintenance period provided by the merchants free use of alternate short-term mobile phone) and more technical support services.

New Best Buy Mobile stores than the original Best Buy Mobile specialty stores double the size of 3,000 square feet, nearly all categories of traditional Best Buy stores operating about 40,000 square feet on average one tenth; the same time than is provide consumers with impartial, neutral and full consultation with the traditional Best Buy Best Buy Mobile stores in the “shop shop” level.

Store for the new mode of operation, Sri Lanka Mr. Gao said: “Experience Zone” will allow customers an interactive way to learn about product features and related products to be used in combination, to maximize product extensions ;, “Self-zone” is that customers can experience and create personalized photo and video work, experience their own happiness a star and photographers; special “Kids Zone”, then will the customers who were in the vicinity of reassuring the child Best Buy Mobile stores to child care staff, leading them in their lively children’s entertainment games. At the same time in each store Geek mobile studio is able to meet the customers including consulting, maintenance, technical guidance, including demand for the service. BOLA TANGKAS