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In 2003, Best Buy entered China and established in Shanghai, Best Buy Asia Pacific headquarters and disclosed in accordance with the development plan at the end of 2003, Best Buy will open its first store in Shanghai. But two years later, although the Best Buy in succession in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, offices, and stores still no sign of “thunder and no rain,” the attendant said.

Recently, the “Best Buy this month and the country in Shanghai Xuhui District, flying eagle group owners signed a definitive agreement,” the news caused concern home appliances insiders also talk to Fang Jian has been two years ” Best Buy when it opened shop in China, “the topic began to reality.

Best Buy is still “wide grain”
According to March 8, 2006 report, said: “Best Buy’s first store currently undergoing renovation, the first investment is likely to reach 250 million yuan.”

The country owners, vice president of Flying Eagle Group, Gu Ying Shi Que in an interview just made “the two sides are negotiating co-operation,” the statement, but did not disclose any details.

Think of the recent Asian headquarters of Best Buy spokesman, “the current Best Buy in China’s main job is not to do retail business procurement,” the statement, reporters interviewed for this purpose Yongle spokesman Huang Jianping, he said : “The lot rental prices are abnormally high, Best Buy set up shop in the shopping district, probably in the domestic counterparts to show a shocking image shows the significance of his business may be higher than the actual operating profit. “

Present, although the “Best Buy’s first store in China settled in Shanghai” has become the prevailing view in the industry, but the reporter into the relevant interviews and investigation revealed that Best Buy would not normally The opening retail stores, but is still in the “wide grain.”

One reason for building country rental prices are not household appliances retail profit can easily afford, so Best Buy’s move to its main purpose is to set up a procurement platform to display the image, but not Best Buy may be excluded by a combination of marketing a new way to sell.

2 is the Best Buy in China’s main business is still business procurement, and sales shop in the procurement value is much greater than the value of reality, the main function of the shop is still open for its procurement services, retail concept is not simple.

Third, Best Buy Shanghai office staff, there had long been engaged in home appliance retailers and home appliance retail market is familiar with the Shanghai people, indicating that the Best Buy Shanghai on foot in a reserve appliance retail market work already well underway, and once involved will do its best, while the current all-out trend is also not obvious.

So, Best Buy This is the true meaning of the accumulation process is still “testing the waters.” That is, in our crazy household appliances shop chain channels, the reality of business, the Best Buy on the first true sense of the stores would be very cautious.

Business is not afraid of the domestic channels
The Best Buy and other foreign home appliance retail giant will enter the China market, has always been a hot topic appliance circle. The Gome, Suning, Yongle of the people is not always that fear.

Held in a few days ago, “the second terminal 3C brand marketing combat Summit”, the Yongle Bojiang Yong, general manager of Shanghai Branch, said: “Paradise is not too concerned about the trend of competitors and do the most important consumers of services. “State assistant general manager of the United States in East China Chen Tao said:” The United States has a national chain store network, years of management advantages as well as with providers of long-term strategic partnership, there is no fear of foreign operators into the appliance channel. “Suning of East China II District executive director, Shanghai Suning Ling Guosheng, general manager, said: “will be comfortable with the entry of foreign retail giants, the most important still is to do their thing.”

Chain giants mentality is certainly not afraid of valuable, but more importantly, initiatives must be real. The home appliance chain from the current channel business moves of view, the main theme is still crazy shop. For example, according to Wing-lok, revealed: “This year will not speed up shop less than a year.” Suning’s Lingguo Sheng said: “The stores open more or less, it all depends on whether the consumer recognition, Suning will continue to open new stores this year. “The U.S. views the country even more clear:” Shanghai household appliance market, the capacity of 300 billion yuan, the development of considerable scope. “

Present situation in Shanghai is the Gome and Suning, Yongle the number of stores in Shanghai has reached about 120.

In addition, Best Buy, although every year some new moves out, but that no final pierce open retail outlets this last piece of paper. Mainly because Best Buy does not think it is cut into the Shanghai retail market, home appliances the best time, but action is only the thickness of the annual product in the process of fully prepared to wait. BOLA TANGKAS