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Invited media to visit before starting the business, actually lead to discussions about the high prices, Best buy China’s real intention??? Want to make money or make a cry out? Smooth sailing in North America, the Best Buy, in different cultures in China resorted to what kind of “killer”? Expected to get these questions answered today.

1 Q: return partial harsh conditions?

Information obtained from the previous term, Best Buy’s price is not only better than cheap local peers, but at the price of domestic brands still a big cut above; In addition, its high profile has been promoting the “customer centric” services, have become more restrictive conditions, showing the sort of harsh and cumbersome to. Such as: Best Buy provides the purchased goods from the invoice date of 15 days, if quality problems occur, “the quality and technical supervision by the State Department authorized inspection agency or product manufacturer testing to confirm, you can select the original invoice price return, or replacement. ” In the local store is usually implemented with the industry is “unconditional return.” That is, within 7 days of the consumers are not satisfied with the purchased goods can be returned; consumers purchased within 15 days of the replacement goods are not satisfied, you can not be read “the detection of quality and technology supervision department,” this practice.

Second Question: Use two sets of standards?

It is understood that, in Europe, North America, many retail stores, usually the rules are fairly applied Returns tend to the consumer. Consumers to complete within a certain period after purchase, as long as the goods intact, can be more free deliveries and do not need to add “professional sector detected” a precondition for this. If the Best Buy in North America to implement a consistent with other North American retail stores Returns principles, then it means that it is foreign to exercise of the two different markets with different service standards?

Question Three: How to locate the first store?

In addition, as a foreign brand, to enter the Chinese market, no doubt pay a high price, many foreign brands entering China in the early days, are first brand, the establishment of interpersonal relations as the top priority, while non-profit. For example, a well-known beverage brands into China that year, once threatened to “make money without regard to ten years.” But just sadly defeated the Chinese market auction site eBay, while foreign brands to suit the Chinese market without an instance. The face of this, Best Buy, how will locate its first store in China?

Insiders pointed out that in the Shanghai, China, business re-ground, native has been basically completed with the intensive “enclosure movement”, and by upgrading stores, mergers and acquisitions in the industry, the conclusion of cooperation means of vertical alliances and consolidate their market base, Best Buy if resorted to some Henzhao, until then, a coup, it would be difficult blaze a trail in which their own way to survive.
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